If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

What would be the factors of “Fitness” required regarding shoes?

  • Appropriate for the intended use – Soccer cleats are made for playing soccer – Stilettos are for high fashion – Slippers are for home comfort.
  • Making a statement – Wearing THOSE shoes (THAT Brand) shows others that you’re a REAL professional or successful or rich or modest
  • Comfort – They feel good no matter how long you wear them – You smile to yourself (or out loud) every time you put them on.

When you are wearing the right shoes, you’re naturally more productive. You get more done with less effort and tend to be happier. You might even have “pep-in-your-step” that translates into positivity in your business and personal interactions/relationships.

What are the ramifications of wearing shoes that don’t fit?

  • Functionally inappropriate – Those penny loafers are useless on the soccer field and your hiking boots leave trails of mud in your house.
  • Making the wrong statement – Absence of authenticity because they’re not “you” and people who know you well know this.
  • Uncomfortable to the point of injurious – Blisters, dread of having to cram your feet into them, Pain from your head to your toes because of foot discomfort.

I think we can agree that it’s important for our shoes to fit well, eh!

So . . . How important is it for us to work with a company that’s a good fit?

  • Appropriate Business Model – One that fits the way you want to do business, meshes with your financial scenario, and aligns with the clientele you want to serve.
  • A brand that makes the statement you want make – What about the brand makes you proud to be a member?
  • The Right culture that feels comfortable – Do you go out of your way to engage with others in the company? Do you look forward to time in the office for meetings and/or to work?

In the Real Estate Sales industry space, there’s plenty of room for myriad business models from the large national brands to niche specialty firms.

Every firm has it’s own unique compensation model with a variety of splits, caps, and fees . . . Some are very simple and straight forward, and some would require a degree in Quantum Physics to decipher.

Every individual office has its own unique culture . . . Even in the large National firms with “prescribed” perspective, beliefs, and training.

I firmly believe that being in the right OFFICE is critical for success for most Real Estate Sales Professionals.

There is NO “One size fits all” for shoes or Companies.

If you are “struggling” maintaining consistent sales, don’t beat yourself up.

Your sluggish performance may not be all about you, and what you are doing.

It could be that you’re wearing the wrong shoes or the right shoe with the wrong fit.

If this message resonates with you, do yourself a favor and adopt a mindset of having the intention to find the right fit for you and your business.

Once you put this intention out there, you will be turning on your reticular activating system and you will begin to notice other companies/brand that attract you.

Take action and schedule an appointment with the Principals of those offices to confirm or deny fitness.

Do this with no expectation of anything but being surprised at how right or wrong it is in terms of good fit for you.

The worst thing that could happen is that you decide to recommit to your current office, plug in, and find more productivity.


You might find a marvelous new home for your business that will foster burgeoning success.

All real estate firms are interested in having more agents who fit their business models and culture and would welcome an interview with you.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and are interested in “A residential real estate sales firm that supports member agents who build and grow consistently productive niche businesses as they enjoy the healthy life rhythm they want & deserve, I hope you’ll connect with me to schedule a confidential interview 🙂

Barry Owen

CEO/Principal Broker

Chief Real Estate Strategist and Culture Warrior

Pareto Realty, LLC




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