If only I had hired an expert . . .

Have you ever wondered what percentage of a Plumber’s business comes from DIY projects gone bad?

My guess is a LOT!

Of course by the time you cry “Uncle” and call the plumber, you will have created quite a mess which the plumber will first have to undo before he puts it all back together.

The bill will be 1/3 more than if you had just called the plumber in the first place . . . not to mention the cost of your many trips to Lowes for tools you’ll never use again and parts that will never be installed . . . and the shame of failing to fix it yourself.

Why do we have to keep learning this over and over again?

We don’t have to let ourselves get caught in that web.

We also do this in our businesses as we attempt to build websites . . . or take on the CFO role of our company (While also being the CEO, Sales person, Marketing person, Gofor dude/dudette,and janitor).

Of course, our rationalization is that we are saving money by doing it ourselves.

What’s your time worth?

How much of your time do you spend learning someone else’s trade only to attempt to complete one project?

Do the math!

Why do we do this?

You’re an expert at doing what you do. Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you see people trying to save a few bucks by NOT calling you to do the job – They get in a pickle – then they call you for free advice?

Don’t be THAT person!

Appreciate the value of leveraging all of these things that aren’t in your wheelhouse by hiring an expert . . . and pay them well.

I promise that what comes around goes around. They’ll call YOU when they need your expertise.

The Circle of life and business.

So liberating.

(So says the guy who has been “CFO” of his company for 7 years and has finally come to grips that he sucks at that . . . Meeting with my savoir (Expert Finance Guru) today and SO looking forward to shedding that burden.)


Published by Barry Owen

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