If I were in a position of influence over our Nation’s Lawmakers . . .

I LOVE the United States of America, our democracy, and all of the FREEDOM and privileges that come with it.

Our Forefathers were pretty smart cookies whose knowledge and foresight created a form of government that has served us well for 235ish years without need for any major revisions in due process.

Each generation of Presidential Administrations and the ebb and flow of various swings of “Party Control” over the Law-Making bodies (Senate and House) has adopted a wide variety of their authorities while in office.

Generally speaking, they have all performed relatively well . . . After all, we ARE still a free and democratic Nation. Whatever Voodoo the ForeFathers cooked up seems to have held the fundamental government core together even as some “Leaders” practiced amazingly irresponsible policies and tactics.

I’ve been a relatively quiet observer in my 49 years on the planet . . . and I’d like to acknowledge now that it’s easier for me to coach from the sidelines (and have all the “right answers”) than for the acting Lawmakers who are on the firing line daily . . .

but I have a few simple adjustments that I would mandate if I were in a position of influence over our Nation’s Lawmakers.

  • Publicly Elected Lawmakers and appointed administration officials are in office as proxies for their constituents . . . they are NOT there for their own bravado and self service. At the point at which they find themselves making decisions solely for the purpose of preserving their “Jobs”, they should immediately deselect themselves and move on to other pursuits.
  • We cannot afford to support lawmakers who advocate any bills that fail to improve the lives of their constituents.
  • EVERY bill presented to the senate or house should have ONE purpose and ONE purpose ONLY (Not a hodge-podge of stuff aimed to confuse and draw attention away from the primary issue.)
  • EVERY bill presented to the Senate or House must be NO LONGER than 10 8 1/2 x 11″ pages, double spaced, 12 point font, including the cover page . . . Such that they are easily understood and not full of meaningless BS.
Call me crazy, but I believe these 4 mandates would be enough to largely fix the political cesspool of a government we see now.
What else?
Just sayin’

Published by Barry Owen

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