If I want a crisis, I’ll create it myself.

In the Army, something I heard every single day: “Hurry up and wait.”

Yep! That was a world in which we soldiers always had to be moving moving moving with purpose . . . until we got to where we were going at which point, invariably, we would then have to wait until “they” were ready to serve us.

We spent a LOT of time waiting in long lines after scurrying to get to that line.

Here in the civilian world, this same dynamic occurs frequently – with a twist.

Some folks appear to take great pleasure lolly gagging along (NOT moving with purpose) until BAM . . . . They suddenly find themselves right at the deadline without having made much progress on what needs to be done by said deadline thereby creating . . .


It is at this point when these folks immediately do everything in their power to shift the blame and responsibility for this undone fiasco on anyone and everyone within their field of vision or hearing.

If you and I are are among those “lucky” people who happen to be in this wrong place at this right time (for the procrastinator), we must immediately activate our personal force field protection system (PFFPS) lest we be dragged (or duped) into participating in this crisis at OUR expense of losing focus on the things we are doing to advance our own personal and professional pursuits.

These people are cunning and manipulative and have superpower abilities when it comes to escalating drama in order to guilt anyone and everyone to drop whatever they are doing and come running to save the day.

Be strong!

Don’t feed this monster!

Don’t enable these compelling cries for help (unless they are, indeed, life or death scenarios).

Empathy is allowable!

Actively Listen to their story and assure them that THEY can do this. Let them know they have the power, and NOW is the time for THEM to save the day and take ALL of the credit.

Above all, communicate CLEARLY that this is THEIR problem to solve . . . They made that bed, and they’re gonna have to sleep in it.

Tough love, eh?

Sometimes, we just gotta be this way in the interest of nipping in the bud the notion that we are their dumping ground in times of self-imposed drama-infused lapses in responsibility.

Published by Barry Owen

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