If commitment isn’t FULL, it isn’t!

Partial Commitment is soft and weak!


You can commit . . . or NOT!

We’re OK with your choice not to commit.

Just say: “No!” and we’ll move on to find someone who’s willing to give us full effort and resolve to FINISH!

Don’t say “Yes” and then falter because the second you said “Yes” the team shifted mindset and began counting on you to do your part.

This really does separate the good from the GREAT!

Of course, there are many reasons for partial commitment.

Perhaps you’re committed to the project but have “Bad Relationship Chemistry” with one of the team members.

You might be “Distracted” by personal matters – Health issues or Family dynamics.

Your interest in the project may have waned because progress has stalled or hit a Dip . . . or just isn’t moving forward as quickly or smoothly as you had hoped.

Maybe you’ve learned of another intriguing opportunity, and you’re seeing greener pastures over there.

Please do yourself and everyone else on the team a favor and make your intentional choice to proceed with full commitment . . . or gracefully bow out.

Departure would not equal “quitter” or “Wimp” and would be MUCH favorable to the team than a half baked effort.

So . . . Can we count on your full commitment?

Every day, the Vital few REALTORS of Pareto Realty practice their art of helping Home Buyers and Sellers with full commitment of being leaders in the Middle Tennessee Real Estate Market.

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