I trust you know what you are doing!

Armchair Quarterbacks

Back seat drivers


These are the banes of existence for professionals.

One of shortest conversations you will ever have is that time you let your enthusiasm get the best of you, and you decide to offer your son’s football or soccer coach some advice on how to run a more effective defense.

Maybe you have some feedback for your surgeon as to a better way to hold her scalpel?

Perhaps you’ve got some marketing tips for your REALTOR?

I tend to hire professionals and get out of their way while they’re working. If I do anything, it’s along the lines of being close enough to lend a hand if requested.

I learned this as an Army Engineer 2nd Lieutenant during my first assignment in the wilderness (jungle) of Panama. There I was. A 23 year old freshly minted 2LT “in command” of a 23 soldier unit mobilized to support a large road construction project. Our mission was to bridge any gaps that needed bridging – We used a M4T6 Bridge set which was effective over wet (floating) or dry gap, and every build was unique. This required lots of thinking and scratching of heads, and I quickly realized that Sergeants weren’t eager to hear my feedback and advice.

I had lots of “book sense” about that bridge set having studied it and worked with it in the Engineer Officer Basic Camp . . . but that was in a sterile environment and not longer than a week.

Things didn’t go together in quite the same way in the jungle, yet those Sergeants always found their way through to mission accomplishment very handily without my input.

They taught me the value of an experienced professional.

They also taught me the importance of trusting in their proficiency and “taking care of them” any way I could. For me in Panama, this meant flying in a special meal once in a while . . . or rolling in with a pickup truck full of ice . . . and BEER at the end of a rough day.

Mutual respect grew, and we became a solid team.

Hire professionals!

Pay them well!

Get out of their way, and let them practice their art.

More will get done faster and more efficiently.

I promise!



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