I see you’ve been a loyal customer for years

Cell phone service and internet/TV carriers are famous for rewarding NEW customers more than existing customers.

These are the companies which have bought into the race to the bottom with SCALE and VOLUME focus.

For these companies, every day is a new day to conceive and offer an unending array of #toogoodtobetrue AMAZING incentives to entice us to leave our current provider.

I seldom pay attention because I know what’s happening . . . bait and switch marketing . . . There’s ALWAYS a “hitch”.

For those people who LOVE a GREAT deal and have no loyalty in their DNA, these schemes are alluring and sexy. They frequent the revolving door of getting more stuff for less money regardless of the inconvenience of never ending change. This is #thrillofthehunt living at its finest.

Meanwhile, the rest of us find this game unsettling. After all – When we chose to buy from this company, we were caught in the “delusion of grandeur” that we were getting this great deal because the friendly sales human actually CARED about us.

A few days or weeks pass, and we feel betrayed when we see a commercial promoting an even MORE amazing incentive . . . If we had known THAT deal was coming, we would have waited a few days to buy . . .

Even worse is when we stay with a company for YEARS, and we see those companies rewarding the new customers instead of loving on us, their loyal long-term customers.

Many folks are figuring this out and “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this any more”

Guess what?

Some of these companies are starting to “get” this.

For some of them, they’re getting it because they’re seeing their competitors getting it . . . but are they authentic or simply playing the game?

Do they really care or are they faking it?

Wolves in Sheep clothing?

The fakers are losing traction because we are getting smarter. We are discovering that “Air TV” is digital and FREE and never goes down when the internet fails. Yep! There’s an antenna on my roof in #owenhollow, and I receive over 50 channels with crystal clarity.

Here’s the GOLD!

There ARE some companies who do, indeed, CARE!

I believe T-Mobile is one of them . . . especially after my experience yesterday. Not only did the representative exhibit patience and understanding, but also did the unfathomable . . . As we were completing the order, she sweetened the deal by “covering some fees because she noticed that I’ve been a customer for years.

Keeping existing customers is WAY less expensive than finding new ones.

Thought for today:

How much effort (Time, Energy, Money) do you spend each day/week/month/year attempting to “attract and CAPTURE” new customers/clients?

How might your business improve if you were to shift some of those lead generation resources into loving on your loyal former and current clients.

Repeat and referral business is the “Air TV version of “Lead Generation”

We practice this principle here at Pareto Realty, and we would be honored to have the opportunity to treat you to a smooth Real Estate process as you buy and/or sell your next house. We know that making a move is a tumultuous and very personal life event.

We’re eager to meet with you!

Let’s GO!

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