I missed the Memo!

It’s Friday January 2, 2015 – the first business day of 2015.

Kids are not in school til Monday, and in my supercharged, ready to hit the ground RUNNING in the new year, unbridled passionate burst of enthusiasm, I leaped from the bed at 5 AM and readied myself for a fabulously productive day,

After all, I’ve spent the better part of 2 months charting a very focused course to BLOW the doors off 2015 beginning TODAY.

When I drove into the office parking garage, I sensed something was the matter . . . It was 8 AM, and I saw only 5 other cars (usually 50ish by 8 AM) . . . and the 8 story building was dark and eerie.

I walked up to our suite and felt a bit like I was in a scene from “Dawn of the Dead” . . . anticipating zombies emerging from every dark corner . . . I grabbed some files and notebooks and fled back to the house where I knew I would be safe and began my work day.

Was there a memo that the New Year Holiday was to be for the entire week?

I missed that one.

Sure! I could have gone with the flow and taken the day off . . . but why? That would dampen my carefully crafted momentum into the new year . . . and so I “went to work”

6 hours later, I can proudly report that I achieved ALL of the “Catch-up” goals for the week and feel poised and ready to LAUNCH on Monday.

Does this make me a “Workaholic?”

If so, I’ll wear that badge proudly.

All of this begs the question:

What the heck did everyone ELSE do today?

Haven’t you had enough days off already?

I hereby proclaim it to be 5:00!

Happy New Year!

I hope you ROCK IT this year.

If buying or selling a house anywhere on the planet is part of your plan this year, be sure to connect with me FIRST. If I can’t serve you personally, I can guarantee I’ll find the perfect Professional to get the job done on time.

Humor me . . . What did YOU do today?


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