I Love it When a Plan Comes together

We’re starting a new chapter in this “Book” we are writing of the creation of Pareto Realty.

The original title of this “work” was simply “Manifesto,” and it served as the “Business Plan” . . . Somewhat of a topographical relief map of what we thought a great real estate firm would look like.

From the beginning, the core belief in the importance of LOCAL, Community, and focus on Niche Specialization has not changed one iota.

The plan that’s coming together is not much more than manifestation in real life of the map we first imagined in the summer of 2010.

The journey has included many challenges and dips and valleys . . . obstacles that we had to navigate over, under, around, or THROUGH . . . and we’ve had MANY “opportunities” to quit or change our course, yet every time I recognized one of those “Easy-outs,” another critical piece of the plan would come together bringing with it an adrenaline boost to re-energize the momentum.

The fun part about this is that the original business plan has not changed, and each time we initiate a new Phase it just means that we’re adding a chapter to the Manifesto.

Phase II took us through a complete rebrand with a new logo, new signs, new website . . . all of it showing up at just the right time. It is this website and new look which earned a new level of validity in the market.

The “drudgery” of adding content to that website is nearing “completion,” and we feel confident that our website visitors will find VALUE while there. There is a veritable treasure trove of information about this process of Buying or Selling Real Estate in Middle Tennessee.

As this completion of Phase II neared, we took a short rest from the “Development” side of things and began to ponder: “What’s Next?”

Phase III is NEXT!

The NEW Website at http://ParetoRealtyTN.com is LIVE and fully functional. We have added content reflecting an in-depth “Walk-through” of the process of Buying or selling a house and are now shifting our focus to GROWTH of our Agent’s Niche Specialties and Pareto Realty’s reach into every community in Middle Tennessee.

This new phase will DIRECTLY benefit our current members and serve as an attractive recruiting tool for new agents.

Phase III is ALL about GROWTH . . . We are now focusing on 2 kinds of GROWTH:

  • GROWTH of our Current Member’s Businesses
  • GROWTH of the Firm (Attracting new agents)

The primary focus will be on defining a NICHE for each of our “Vital Few” Real Estate Sales Professionals.

We begin by asking each agent (or prospective agent): 

If you could work in any market in Middle Tennessee and “OWN” that market, what market would that be?

A niche can be:

  • A Specific Neighborhood
  • A Zip Code
  • A demographic of People
  • A price point (First time Home Buyers, Luxury)
  • A type of property (New construction, green, Investment, Condo, Historic, development)

How Pareto Realty will help agents gain “ownership” of their chosen niche:

  • Website – Will add custom pages for every neighborhood in every zip code in Middle TN beginning with the ones our members currently work . . . and then for communities or niches for agents not currently with Pareto Realty as a benefit for recruiting.
  • We will build a page on our main website (with its own, unique URL) for EACH niche and will name the “GoTo Person” for that Niche. (Bear in mind, there may be more than one agent associated with any particular niche)
  • Each Niche Specialist will be able to add/define content for that niche – Community information, blogsite, custom search etc
  • Each agent can create their own website and make it all about the niche.
  • Barry Owen will personally COACH each agent to achieve success.

As we add niche pages, our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will increase in strength as we attract more FOCUSED internet generated leads . . . and higher client/customer satisfaction because we know working with a specialist will make a HUGE difference in the quality of the Home Buying and/or Selling Process.

As we populate these niches, we will be looking for strong agents not currently with Pareto Realty who work in niche areas and will be recruiting them with the goal of having at least one niche specialist in every nook and cranny of Middle Tennessee.

Space Growth

Phase III is the phase for another kind of GROWTH.

  • Office HUB – At the point at which we have 16 “Vital Few Specialists,” we will “Pull the Trigger” on securing and moving into our physical HUB CLC (CommunityLearningCenter) in the Belle Meade Area.
  • As our Niches evolve, we anticipate that there will some areas with more than one Niche Specialist (e.g. East Nashville). Once we have 4 or more “Vital Few Specialists” in an area, we will secure a space for a “Satellite Office” – Executive Suite style with office and meeting space.

So . . . It’s TIME to GROW OUR individual businesses and to grow Pareto Realty throughout Middle Tennessee.

Who’s IN?

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