I Felt Facilitated

Today was the day for REBarCamp Nashville, a “technology Conference” organized each year by famed REALTOR Brian Copeland with Village real Estate Services.

Thanks to Brian and his many connections throughout the country, the Nashville REBarCamp is considered to be one of the (if not THE) best in the country because of the wealth of KNOWLEDGE that shows up each year.

The BarCamp conference is intended to be a day full of “Facilitated Conversations” based on things the participants are willing to facilitate . . . and/or things the participants want to LEARN. The agenda isn’t set until a few minutes prior to the start of the first sessions and remains fluid for the remainder of the day.

When it’s done right (Which Brian has a knack at doing), the day flows seamlessly and virtually everyone who attends gets more out of it by the end of the day than expected . . . and it’s always FREE.

I had opted to be willing to facilitate a session that I cryptically entitled: “Leveraging Internet and Technology Tools for Efficiency” . . . and Brian (in his infinite wisdom) made this session one of the first group.

the funny thing is . . . I submitted that topic a week ago while sitting in the carpool line at my daughter’s school, and this morning really had NO clue what the session might actually cover . . . and then I promptly forgot about it.

So . . . this morning, I had 15 minutes to “remember” what I was thinking.

I’m guessing we had 30+ participants . . . and together we “unpacked” the topic quite well. I learned a LOT . . . as did (I think) most of the other participants.

At the end of the 45 minute session, several folks came up to me to thank me for the “great session” and one comment really stood out as being the most poignant:

“I felt facilitated!”

That to me is the epitome of SUCCESS for a session because it clearly communicated to me that I neither “Preached ad nausium” nor failed to draw out the knowledge in the room.

THAT’s the magic of it . . .

In subsequent sessions, I can attest to learning some remarkable SOLUTIONS to some gaps I’ve had in my technology formula

So now . . . I move to Implementation stage!

Stay tuned!

Thank you Brian and ALL of the participants of this year’s #rebarcampnashville

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