I entered the world of Droid

Does this mean I’m a “Droid-Head”?

I can’t get away with teasing all of the Smartphone users in the world any more.

I held out for as long as I could, but my trusty Motorola workhorse phone with slide out qwerty keyboard was starting to fail . . . getting clumsy with internet . . . battery life shortening more every day . . . and I found myself wanting MORE.

I fantasized about how liberating it would be to be able to instantly access the internet from anywhere with a few silent taps on a glassy screen . . .

IĀ marveledĀ at the notion of being able to acquire “apps” for that (Whatever “that” may be)

Last week, I bought the darned thing with resolute confidence and strolled out of the store with chest puffed out – chin up.

Got in my car, started the engine . . . and the thing began RINGING . . . Sadly, I didn’t know how to answer it, so I witnessed my first “missed call”.

Then panic set in . . . UH-OH . . . What about my CONTACTS?


I ravaged the box . . . no instructions whatsoever . . . There I was with a device I was convinced was smarter than I . . . and nobody had my back.

NOTE: I am writing this blog post on day 9 of my ownership of this technological gizmo – The prior 8 days have been filled with “AHA” discoveries.

It’s like a bottomless box of chocolates . . . I never know what I’m going to get . . . and each time I need this thing to do something, the answer shows up.

the good news was that the instant I logged onto Google, the darned thing automatically loaded all of my Gmail contacts and Calendar . . . I was INSTANTLY in business (Very happily).

This little gem has already made a HUGE difference in my productivity . . . It seems that all of the Google integration I’ve worked so hard to learn works seemlessly with this hand-held thing.

So . . . If you can’t beat them – JOIN them!

I stuck to my guns as the curmudgeon – “BAH-HUMBUG! I DON’T NEED A SILLY SMARTPHONE to be complete!”

Unlike QR Codes . . . these smartphones seem to have legs . . . They’re gonna getcha if they haven’t already.

I fell . . . or did I soar?

Just sayin’



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