I don’t want THAT!

How many “Sales calls” do you receive every day?

How much of the snail mail that comes to your mailbox goes straight to the garbage without being opened because it’s obviously marketing schlock that you neither need nor want?

Did you sign up for all of those emails peddling sundry stuff that you don’t want?

We’re in a world of being TARGETED by marketers who are gathering data from our every click so they can push just the right widget in front of us at EXACTLY the right time such that we’re ready to pull the trigger and BUY.

This ain’t for the faint of heart . . . We’re forced to say “NO!” or to ignore these marketers even as it violates the principles that we were taught by our parents to honor and respect everyone.

Of course, if we were to entertain all of these marketers, more would come . . . and next thing ya know, we’re making a career of talking to marketers.

It was a happy day when I discovered the “Add to reject list” function on my cell phone. I figure that saves me from taking at least 10 unwanted calls EVERY DAY . . . yet their auto-dialers continue to call . . .

A few years ago, I made a pact with myself never to buy anything on impulse even when it seemed to be a great deal. The thing is, a GREAT marketer can make you want to buy something you don’t want or need simply by convincing you that it’s a “deal you can’t refuse.”

Next day, you’re wondering what to do with that thing.

So . . . I and YOU are marketers.

Everyone in any business is a marketer.

We each get to decide which kind of marketer we are.

Maybe the first question to ask is: “Why?”

Are you marketing only for the purpose to SELL? . . . a hammer in search of a nail . . . OK with ramming a round client into a square house as long as it results in a CLOSING?


Are you marketing to attract the “Right people” who already want and/or need your service or product and just haven’t noticed you yet?

When I founded Pareto Realty, LLC, I thought long and hard on this. I knew that choosing an “Attraction Model” of marketing would result in slower growth.

I accept slower growth because the fundamental premise of our business model centers around “The Vital few” . . . Hit the link to learn more about the meaning behind the “Pareto Realty” brand

Having the “Right People” on our team is WAY more important than growing like a weed.

These right people understand the truth in the 80/20 Principle and focus mostly on the 20.

For more about who these “Right people” are (and to gain some insight as to whether YOU might be one), click below:

Show me the real deal @ Pareto Realty

Of course, connect with me if any of what you see there resonates with ya . . .

Here’s hoping you have a FABULOUS 2015!

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