I Did NOT Want to do this today!

I did it anyway!

My morning routine is a non-negotiable.

It MUST be this way because I know that, on those days I fail to do it ALL, finding FLOW for the remainder of the day will be a futile pursuit.

The cost of cheating is immeasurable in terms of lost opportunity, self-degradation, and the DANGER that playing hooky once will reprogram my brain into thinking that it’s OK to skip all or part of this critical morning discipline of spooling myself up Spiritually, Mentally, Physically . . . Once I’ve compromised this standard I’ve set for myself, I know that the next time I don’t feel like doing it, I’ll find it much easier to skip . . . because, after all, that first time I skipped, I didn’t feel like I lost any progress.

This is a fool’s rationalization.

The natural inclination of the brain is to take the path of least resistance when allowed by the DRIVEN command and control center.

The instant we violate the sanctity of important healthy habits, our brain shifts into “re-wire” mode.

“AHA! Barry didn’t do the whole workout today, so let’s make that the new habit.”

Next thing ya know, you’re out of rhythm and the kaka starts hitting the fan.


Being truthful to myself and others is my 3rd guiding principle.

I wrote this post because I didn’t want to do my exercise routine this morning, and I caught myself attempting to justify a skip.

As I was arguing with myself, it dawned on me that ALL of the “justifications” were untruthful.

I then even considering the rationalization that if I were to tell the truth by saying: “I just don’t feel like doing it today!” . . . somehow that would let me off the hook.

It was then that I realized I was toast because THAT would then violate my 1st guiding principle: “Show up and be present.”

So . . . With great fanfare, I am pleased to report that I completed my entire exercise routine just prior to writing this post.

Don’t cheat!

PS . . . Another self lesson in today’s BarrysDriveTime.com – If you start . . . FINISH!

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