I DARE you to try this!

By reading this post, consider yourself challenged!

I hereby challenge you to undertake a mission that may seem unfathomable and impossible!

Should you choose to accept this challenge, you must know there are potentially life changing implications to your overall well-being and enjoyment of life.

Your life, as you know it now, may be significantly altered . . . forever.

The potential ramifications are exceedingly complex, and some might say: “incomprehensible!”

This is not for the faint of heart and will likely require some level of allowing someone else to hold you accountable for the coming week.

In short, you are likely to have a strong dislike for this mission.

You might even fear for your life . . .

I have faith in you!

I would not issue such a challenge if I thought you were not able to do it.

The only remaining question then is: “Are you willing?”

So… Are you ready?

(Drum roll)

For the next seven days, I dare you upon waking to leave your cell phone turned OFF for the first 2 hours of each and EVERY day.

You might need to put it in a locked compartment and give someone else that key.

You see?

If you are reading this post, odds are darned good that the first thing you do every morning is wake up to the sound of your cell phone alarm. Before you even roll out of bed, you probably pick up that cell phone turn off the alarm and then proceed to check email, Texts, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat – whatever online sources you frequent.

This habit is not good for you!

In this way, you do not allow your brain to wake up uncluttered. This is a very cruel joke to play on your brain day in and day out.

It’s a BAD HABIT that perpetuates an existence in which the last thing you do when you go to bed is amp yourself up by worrying or stressing about all of the things that you didn’t do that day and/or all of the things that could go wrong with everything you are working on . . . then you wake up the following morning and refresh yourself first thing with all of that again.

This, my friend, is a classic environment for non-productivity and burnout.

You are waging mental warfare on yourself!

I believe that you owe it to yourself, your friends and family, and your clients to reserve this two hours of self/free time first thing each and every morning so you can actually spend a period of uninterrupted time gathering your thoughts, cogitating around (and prioritizing) new and old ideas, and formulating strategies and plans for moving forward.

I know you can do this, but will you?

I’m only challenging you to a seven day trial of this newfangled way of living.

Try it!

If it does nothing for you then on day 8 by all means return to your old ways of doing things.

In the event you discover that my theory holds water and does in fact improve your productivity and your relationships, then I issued challenge number 2 which is to continue to do this indefinitely 🙂

Just for the sake of giving you an easier start, I recommend you begin with this on Saturday morning. This will give you a couple of days to think about things and get yourself mentally prepared and Saturday is probably a day in which you don’t normally have a lot of cell phone chatter going on early in the day.

If you are lacking in the accountability department, feel free to use the comments section underneath this blog post to be accountable to me )and everyone else who participates).

All you’ve got to do is post in the comments that you are in for the challenge.

Each morning after your 2 hours of respite from your cell phone, you simply comment: “I did it today!”

We will ALL celebrate your success each and every day . . . and if you fail to cooment one day, we’ll hunt you down and ask you why 🙂

Just as a matter of record, I post on two separate platforms, the accountability exercise will be on the activerain.com platform, so if you’re reading the post through the Pareto Realty blog site, surf over to the Active Rain post here.

PS: I too AM guilty as charged and I am accepting my own challenge and will report my findings beginning Saturday morning. So… Will you rise to the challenge and can we all do this? I think we can!

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