I am Barry Owen and I watched the SuperBowl last night

The pressure to BOYCOTT the SuperBowl was prevalent.

Yep! The ire at the NFL for not policing its own players for refusing to stand for the National Anthem continues.

Of course, they didn’t help things by refusing a patriotic ad that said only “Please Stand!”

I understand the issues, and while I wish everyone would “get” the significance of Honoring our country and Flag, I know that not everyone sees this the same way, and we all have the right to do as we believe/wish.

So . . . I didn’t boycott . . . I stood in my living room and faced my flag with hand over heart while Pink sang.

I DID watch that AWESOME game for many reasons. I knew it would be a good game but didn’t have the foggiest notion that it would be all THAT!

Part of me is fascinated by Tom Brady’s skill and determination. Until the 4th quarter ended last night, I was certain that Tom Brady was invincible. No matter what happened, he has consistently and masterfully found ways to WIN so many games that seemed to be unwinable.

I also was intrigued by the Eagle’s young quarterback Nick Foles AND their Offensive coordinator. Foles delivered and delivered and delivered. I believe last night’s win was a product of superb strategy and DISCIPLINE!

Foles executed the plays that came from the sidelines. The other 10 players on the field did their part also. It was clear to me that the Eagles came to that game READY to play as a team.

My opinion is that the Eagles did to the Patriots what the Patriots have done to so many teams for years – The Patriots and Tom Brady, got a dose of their own medicine . . . The Eagles stayed with the fast pace and played in kind and effectively wore the Patriots down from the very beginning to the end . . . and Tom Brady folded in the final 2 minutes.

In so many ways, Entrepreneurs are living this dynamic day in and day out. We are doing our best to do the right things and move our ball closer to the endzone each and every day.

During the game last night, It struck me how important it was for the offensive coordinator to “Manage” the strategy, and for the players to EXECUTE with resolute discipline . . . without any “freestyling” whatsoever.

It worked!

We Entrepreneurs begin new ventures assuming ALL of the roles (Sideline Strategy and Executing), and many ventures don’t succeed BECAUSE we are doing it all.

Perhaps if we accepted a dose of humility and common sense?

We’d seek the counsel of a coach . . . or Hire a great Quarterback or CEO and commit to some level of discipline such that we’re not making it up as we go . . . solo.

How much further might we get faster?

And how much more frequently would we find ourselves in the end zone . . . Only to start a new venture immediately.

BRAVO to both the Patriots and the Eagles for showing a lot of class and teaching us a little something about “Playing this game we call life.”

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