How’s the Real Estate Market?

Every REALTOR hears this question OFTEN.

Depending on what the news is reporting, the intonation and body language of the asker varies, but the question seldom changes.

When the media is preaching doom and gloom in the economy and a person encounters a REALTOR, the tone is one of grave concern, empathy, Sympathy, a loving touch on the shoulder . . . as if there’s been a death . . . so with condolence and tenderness, the person asks: “How’s the Real Estate Market?” immediately followed by: “Are you OK?

When the media is talking about “RECORD SALES,” the whole conversation changes because the general public jumps to the conclusion that ALL REALTORS are selling and closing houses by the dozens . . . and are flush with cash and success.

Regardless of the tone of the question, the reality is that most folks really ARE interested in knowing the health of the real estate market. People want to know that the house they own is holding its value.

Perhaps they’re considering buying a house and are dipping their toe in the water to see if now is a good time to dive in.

For the receiver of the question, this is a moment of truth.

Saying the “right” thing could very well result in gaining a new client.

So . . . Is it time to spew statistics and market analysis?

Is it time for the REALTOR to brag about her sales prowess and number of houses sold?

Is it time for a hard core sales pitch with a litany of reasons the asker should work with said agent to buy or sell a house?


Let’s step outside the box of making the response to this question about the REALTOR.

Try THIS response Nobu Hata recommended during his talk at the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS Convention last week:

“The Real Estate Market is different everywhere! Where do you live?”

Nobu hits at the heart the fact that a REALTOR cannot offer a useful response to the question without knowing more about the needs of the asker . . . because Real Estate is a LOCAL business . . . and in fact . . . even a “HYPER-LOCAL” business.

Market conditions can vary significantly from one neighborhood to the next.

“Generalist” answers cannot possibly serve well the needs of the average prospective Home Buyer or Seller.

So . . . I have a new script for those who crave “Scripts and Dialogues.”

After asking:

“Where do you live?”


“Tell me your story?”

Then close your mouth and LISTEN!

So . . .

Would YOU like to know how the real market is doing these days?

Where do you live?

Will you tell me your story?

Only when I have answers to these questions can I serve you as you wish to be served.

Connect with me . . . I’m all ears ­čÖé

Published by Barry Owen

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