How your Work Environment Affects Your Success and Happiness

Do you LOVE going to your office?

If not, what about it is spoiling your groove?

Is it a people problem?

This could one person or a pack of bullies or an overbearing Boss or simply a case of toxic interpersonal BS that’s disrupting your mojo and flow.

Maybe it’s the rules and the way things are done?

Does it seem that some of your work associates enjoy favoritism from the rulers.

Is it a pay issue?

Mess with my money, and I’ll be angry, right?

Don’t make me wait to be paid and pay me fairly and accurately.

Do the tools work?

After all, how can you get anything done if you’re always being thwarted by supply or technical issues?

Ambiance . . . Generally speaking, do you feel good being in your office?

When you are there, are you “home” at your office?

Is this the right mix of people with similar goals and aspirations regarding their work, and does it all align with your mindset?

If any (or all) of the above contribute to your lack of exuberance about your office, I have 3 questions for you to ask yourself:

  1. Can you fix the problem (effect Change) such that your happiness and effectiveness improves?
  2. Is it time for you to explore other places to work within your chosen field of expertise?
  3. Is it time for a career change/shift?

If you are a real estate sales professional in Middle Tennessee and you are less than tickled pink with your office environment, I hereby invite you to connect with me to schedule an appointment to learn more about Pareto Realty’s Beliefs and perspective (People, Systems, and Tools). We are on a growth path and are committed to supporting our agents such that they can sell more houses than they ever imagined.


Published by Barry Owen

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