How your cell phone addiction may be damaging your life and career

Do other people people have 24/7/365 access to you?

If so, are you really ever alone?

When you are with someone – anyone – Family, friend, work associate, customer/client, are you ever truly present with them?

How long can you focus without interruption?

Is there any such thing as a “full night of sleep” with that cell phone under your pillow or on the bed stand?

Given all of the above, I’m going to name the real villain . . . Your cell phone has turned you into a “multi-tasker” every moment of your life whether you be awake or asleep – 60/60/24/7/365.

I googled “Multitasking” and found this article with 12 reasons . . . Interestingly, each one is on it’s own page sprinkled with a few ads . . . and each page has many ads, so this offers fantastic information and simultaneously demonstrates the hazards of multitasking as the reader sees such busy pages with so many things screaming for attention on every page.

12 Reasons to Stop Multitasking Now!

Gary Keller once said (while holding his cell phone up): “For whose benefit is this phone?”

Everyone in the audience instantly thought: “For our Family, friends, work associates, and customers/clients to reach us when they need us.”

Gary’s response: “WRONG! Your cell phone is for YOUR convenience, not everyone else’s. Until you “get” this, you will never reach your full quality of life potential.”

(This was in a “Quantum Leap” presentation, and I paraphrase from memory)

I see you checking your phone while driving and/or at every stop light.

I see you sitting with people in restaurants with everyone at the table engrossed by their phones.

I know you wake up from deep sleeps because of chirps and buzzes . . .

I witness you telling other people you’re going to a “quiet place” to really FOCUS on your work . . . with cell phone in-hand.

What would life be like if you (all of us) would pledge to STOP THIS MADNESS?

Here’s my challenge . . . I hope you’ll give this a try . . . and I hope you’ll report back to the “group” in the comments section of this post.

Decide NOW that your cell phone is no longer in control of your life.

In doing so, you will be acknowledging that you understand the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT . . . and that another person’s URGENT need isn’t necessarily more important than what you are currently doing.

Does this sound selfish?


Then start being selfish – Create some boundaries and let your peeps know what they are.

When you go to bed, put your phone on “Airplane Mode” if you use your phone as an alarm clock . . . or turn the phone OFF (GASP) and buy an old school alarm clock.

Do the same:

  • While driving . . .
  • When being present with other people (in meetings or restaurants etc)
  • When focusing on important tasks
  • When choosing to be alone for introspective contemplation.

I DARE you to make a habit of this!

I KNOW that if you do this AND make a habit of it, Gary Keller is right . . . Your quality of life and personal and professional effectiveness will increase precipitously.

BTW . . . I am guilty as charged on ALL counts, and I know better 🙂

So . . . I’m accepting this challenge along with you . . . starting NOW!

Let’s all do this and become better versions of ourselves . . .

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