How to Make More Money With Less Stress

I think there are a LOT of people out there working themselves to death because that’s what they think the “Have To Do” to perform at a high level.

Of course, most everyone has a differing definition of “High Performance” ranging from “Selling 1 widget per month” to “Selling 20 widgets per month” . . .

What if the true measure of “High Performance” were to be determined by a “Fulfillment Index?” At what level of personal performance/production will you feel in your Rhythm? fulfilled . . . balanced . . . and financially secure?
hampton missionHmmmm . . . and what could a Professional do to increase this fulfillment index?

I got a hint from this mission statement I saw on the wall at the Hampton Inn in Liverpool, NY (Syracuse) where we enjoyed the best hotel experience EVER.

It was just ridiculous how friendly and helpful EVERY employee and how pampered we felt throughout our stay. I came away from that experience feeling like we hadn’t paid them ENOUGH.

“Best quality and Service” is said by all and accomplished by few (80/20)

“Teamwork” is much easier said than done and often said but not done.

“Attention to Detail” is relative . . . by whose standards?

It’s the “Personal growth” that I think makes the difference.

It is clear to me that whoever owns and operates that hotel devotes lots of time and energy into the personal growth of everyone in the organization. They are ALL engaged not just at the level of their job but also at a much higher level at which they can contribute to “the way things are done.”

When “Personal Growth” is a part of an organization’s Mission. EVERYONE WINS . . . Especially the customers who will RAVE (as I am doing now) about the service they have received.

So . . . consider any “CE – Continuing Education” classes you are required to take in your profession. Do you dread “fulfilling that obligation” every license cycle . . . or do you celebrate the opportunity to work on your personal growth?

Some folks might think I’m splitting hairs, but I think the proof is in the pudding (results).

When the outlook/Mission as a whole is one of commitment to the personal growth of everyone on the team, the fulfillment index soars for each person individually and the Great Service, Teamwork, and Attention to Detail simply happen . . . effortlessly.

Bring this REAL in your world, and you’ll make MORE MONEY with LESS STRESS!

I promise 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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