How to end 2011 with a BANG!

I sent the below to my group of REALTOR Colleagues . . .
We’re committed to keeping this real estate in Middle Tennessee MOVING through the mythically slow winter months.
Whatever your business, these principles apply . . . I believe THIS year is THE year to tip the scales in a very positive direction, and it all begins with collective determination and assuming the responsibility to do it.
Hope you’re IN . . . and if you are, host a mastermind or 2 of your own to get all of your peeps on your bus 🙂
You’re invited . . .

Friday 10/28 @ 10 AM – How to end 2011 with a BANG!

I hope you’re not going to fall into the “REALTOR Holiday” routine this year.
Don’t fall into that trap that many REALTORS do . . .
Halloween rolls around . . .
Thanksgiving is just around the corner . . .
Then Christmas . . .
Then New Years . . .
Then nasty winter weather . . .
All good reasons to support lack of productivity through the “SLOW WINTER MONTHS”, right?
If you do this, you will potentially waste 5/12 of the year (October through Mid March) . . .
and your 2012 year will begin with a fizzle.
So . . .
I invite you to come to this mastermind session during which we will explore ways to SEIZE THE MARKET as we near the end of 2011.
I cannot think of a single reason why any REALTOR who cares to cannot sell more real estate in the next 2 months than the prior 10 combined.
Just think . . .

61 Sleeps til Christmas . . .
The weather is beautiful . . . 

Let’s set the goal and take responsibility for how we perform in the next 60ish days.
Are you IN?
Just RSVP to me by return email, and I’ll reply with the location (Seating is limited to 15)
A little fuel for your fire. I wrote this blog post yesterday.
My annual rendition of a plea to Home Buyers and Sellers not to quit the market because of the myth that the market dies in the winter months.
Hoping to see you Friday!

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