How speaking your “Native tongue” may be hurting your business

Quit yelling at everyone around you in REALTOR speak!

Kinda like when you run into someone who doesn’t understand what you are saying . . . so you start to speak LOUDER and SLOWER, but you say the same words.

They don’t understand . . . and eventually walk away thinking you’re a jerk . . . and you walk away thinking they are stupid.

So . . .

If you are interested in working with more Home Buyers and Sellers, speak THEIR language . . . stop it with the “REALTOR SPEAK”.


It’s those words like “Mortgage Rate”, “housing inventory”, “Short sales”, “REO”, “Foreclosures” . . . these are every day words in the office, but don’t make a lot of sense to those who don’t speak the language.

The average human out there, based on the education they are getting by watching the daily news (local and National) is a real believer that now is a ridiculous time to consider buying a home and that your urgings for them to buy now are self-dealing.

Why should anyone believe you if what they hear from the “experts” in the media is that “Home Sales are down” “Values are down” and the real estate sky continues to plummet?

The only rational conclusion is that now is an impossible time to buy. With all the banks in turmoil, the myth is out there that financing is simply not available.

Is it your job to change their minds?

Should we go on a campaign to coerce Home Buyers and sellers to jump into the market and do their thing?

Here’s the truth!

The general non-REALTOR public is justifiably confused . . . and confusion leads to inaction even when WE know the planets have aligned PERFECTLY for the time to be JUST RIGHT for them be Buying and Selling Real Estate.

How do we get them to BELIEVE?

I think the answer is an “Old school” approach.

It begins with Real Estate Professionals doing what they do best . . . BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with the people in their lives. This should be a natural act for most (if not all) REALTORS although we know that no 2 people do it the same.

Just go out there and be a good friend. Good friends keep in touch enough that they have some level of awareness as to what’s happening in the lives of others.

How many good friends do you have? Is it so many that you can’t make some form of personal contact with EVERY one of them EVERY month?

The next step is your own personal “Myth Busting Program”.

Simple things, like: “The only people out there now who cannot get financing for a home are the folks who really aren’t in a financial position to buy. People with good credit are buying houses every day . . . and it really doesn’t have to require a large cash down-payment.”

“Odds are good, You can get more house for your money at a lower monthly payment now than you could have at any time in your life . . . that’s what low rates and a high number of houses for sale in the market does for you.”

Our lead generation efforts cannot be “coercive” or passive . . . they must be genuine and educational.

The deep, dark secret is that as more houses sell, the economy improves . . . That’s the economic food chain.

Go out and mingle with your friends and quit yelling at them with marketing gibberish and scripts and dialogs.

Pareto Realty is a new real estate firm in Nashville, TN with a fundamental business model based on “Performance Orientation Mindset” . . . This is not a “Sales VOLUME” approach . . . It is a relationship approach . . . Simply good people helping good people make informed home buying and selling decisions. Our idea seems to be contagious . . . Looks like our family is growing quickly, and with each new member we are excited about the whole new batch of friends 🙂

I’m just sayin’



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