How REALTORS can help “Fix” the economy!

You’re invited to join a conversation about “How REALTORS can help “Fix” the economy!

We’re going to spin some ideas, find some solutions that WE can implement, and leave the room with specific “ToDo” items . . . Don’t come unless you’re willing to show up with an open mind and have plenty of Volunteer Spirit.

This Friday 11/4 @ 10 AM

Email me your RSVP, and I’ll email the details (where) back.

For now, we are limiting seating to 15.

Why this question?

I’ve seen it pop in front of me a few times in the past week . . . Once on an NAR (National Association of REALTORS) plea for “Hot Topics” that NAR should be addressing . . . and then again on a similar plea from the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists).

This hits home for me as I have been singing this song since 2008 . . . I am a firm believer  that REALTORs are quintessentially positioned (better than most professions) to have HUGE impact on the Economy of Local, City, State, Regional, National, and Global Economies.

Some “fire-starter ideas”

Does this Economy really need “Fixing?”

Is it more appropriate to start thinking “Innovate and (re)create?

How can individuals and small businesses REALLY have an impact on local communities?

How do (can) we “project our force” in unison?

Some things I think:

  • This “ReCreation” might look a little bit like “Pre-Industrial” economy . . . before everything (companies) got so BIG.
  • Relationships and “Power of the handshake” may start showing up
  • Since the beginning of documented human existence, humans have lived in some kind of shelter (Cave, TeePee, Thatched hut, House, Condo) . . . and my bet is that in every community there were a few folks who were the go to people when a family began looked for a new place to live (In today’s Society, these are Real Estate Sales Professionals)
  • These go to people were most often “Natural Connectors” . . . Known for their empathic listening skills and generally the first to know of major “life events” of the members of the community . . . Because the HOME is and always has been “sacred space” for families
  • So . . . It is the exponential accumulation of “Relationship Connections” which give REALTORS (and I believe all people) their leverage to effect change (Think Gulliver’s travels’ lilliputions)
  • Shame on us (ALL) if we don’t seize this exciting time of uncertainty (change) with full attention and purpose such that we discover our Passion for moving forward to something “better than before” . . . Finds others who share this passion . . . and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  • This is a fantastic time for all individuals to participate in the recreation of our economy . . . It is clear that politicians and Leaders are like mice in a maze looking for the cheese . . . and most probably, the cheese is being help by their constituents . . . all they’ve gotta do is listen and take action.
so . . .
How do we do this?
We get together (Congregate) on a VERY regular basis and openly share our ideas with a collective bearing of the responsibility to get things done.
THAT’S how REALTORS can help “Fix” the Economy 🙂
I host these “Friday Morning Masterminds” every Friday Morning @ 10 AM
These are the kinds of issues we tackle each week.
and . . . You do not have to be a REALTOR to attend – It’s for all people with passion for these topics.
Let’s get something DONE!
Just sayin’

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