How much thought went into the design of your office

This morning, Bob sent me an email with a link to an article in the Nashville Business Journal. They had asked 17 Architect Firms: “What is a unique architectural feature of your office and what do you hope it conveys to your clients?”

Bob’s message: “The article below featuring architects talking about their own work space made me think about our Pareto space and, also, about how the physical workplace environment figures in — or doesn’t — to the topic of your book.”

We moved into our current space in October of 2018. The prior space was far from ideal – 5 “private offices”, a small kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a small lobby with enough space for no more than 10 people for training meetings. in a total of @ 1500 Square Feet – very cramped – humid (a creek ran under it) and dungy. When I rented it, I thought it was a great deal because of the location (Heart of Green Hills), and the cost was lower than all of the spaces I had considered.

I learned that space was on the market to be sold, so I decided to be proactive . . . I didn’t want to get a 30 day notice to vacate thereby leaving Pareto Realty “homeless.”

Literally across the parking lot, I found the perfect scenario – Twice the SF for $600/mth less . . . and the perfect design. I think we have a nice mix of Open Space and “private Space”

I intentionally did this instead of opting for one big open space with desks and cubicles – Best of both.Also – I intentionally declined to have a reception desk/area . . . There’s something cool about people entering the office – hearing the dingdong, and then we walk out to greet them. I enjoy being the greeter when I am able. And finally . . . That training space has so much great potential and potential for events with 30+ participants.

What this conveys to my agents and our visitors is that this is our business home, and all are welcome – no barriers – with just enough private space for those times when we want it.

So . . . I ask YOU now: “What is special about the design of your office and why? How does it uniquely serve you and your visitors?”

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