How many times do we have learn the tough life lessons?

There was an unimaginable tragedy in Nashville Wednesday afternoon.

While driving, a young man reached down to grab a backpack which had slid off the seat of his car. In that split second of taking his eye off the road, his car drifted into the left turn lane where a Mother with her 2 young boys were likely singing songs or telling stories as they traveled home from a cancelled swimming practice and were patiently awaiting their left turn arrow.

The terrifying and instant collision was a complete surprise to EVERYONE . . . 7 year old Hayes Springer was seriously injured and passed away a few hours later in the hospital.

The local newspaper published this tribute to Hayes and his family: Community mourns Brentwood 7-year-old killed in crash

I know and have great respect for Hayes’ Father Jarron Springer who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS . . . and I cannot fathom the immensity of shock and grief that is washing over this family.

Happenings like this are irreconcilable . . .

How could this happen?

Why would this happen?




I’ve been in tears since first learning of this tragedy and have been searching for a way that I can offer any meaningful comfort for Jarron and his family, and I know that they “are in good hands” as their inner circle of family and friends and fellow worshipers and the entire Middle Tennessee REALTOR community ALL are embracing them and loving them and caring for them.

This isn’t the first time a “sudden death tragedy”  has struck this close to home . . . and each time it happens, I find myself thinking many of the same thoughts, and I realize that I am again learning the toughest of life’s lessons . . . and then wondering WHY?

Why does it take a tragedy to “remember” these lessons?

Why do we allow our busy lives to dull – desensitize us over time such that we take our eyes off the really important people and things in our lives?

until another tragedy strikes . . .

Treasure your children no matter how infuriating their antics are . . .

Know that they love you and always will, and they’re just finding themselves and stretching the boundaries as much as their parents (and the rules of society) will allow.

Live YOUR life (not someone else’s) and squeeze every possible drop of enjoyment out of every minute of every day.

Love and respect your parents and GO SEE THEM as often as possible. Talk to them one on one and learn their stories. Learn of your heritage.

Live to leave a legacy . . . Leave this world a better place than it was before God brung ya here.

Don’t take advantage of others.

Don’t allow others to take advantage of YOU!

Show up for all things that matter . . . and Be Present while there.

Follow your heart – Your passion . . . Don’t let “conventional thought” keep you from being yourself and doing YOUR flavor of “Good Work.”

Always tell the truth to yourself and others . . . even and especially when it’s most uncomfortable.

Let Go!

Quite worrying!

Move on!





and quit being so damned serious about everything.

and as most everyone says at times like this:

Life’s too short . . .

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