How Elsa (my new puppy) has changed my life

This is Elsa!
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As the story goes, we have a GoldenDoodle by the name of Apollo. He is quite a regal creature and happens to still have ALL of his capabilities intact (including the ability to become a Daddy).
We found Apollo from a breeder who was willing to sell him to us without neutering @ 6 years ago. We have always aspired to find a willing and capable female for Apollo but have had no luck until NOW!
Daughter Jessica (the quintessential internet researcher) happened upon Elsa on a website. Elsa is 2 years old and had not been spayed because the Breeder intended to breed her . . . until he decided to focus on breeding a different breed of dog, so he offered her for sale. Elsa is a very Spirited young lass with LOTS of LOVE for everyone she encounters . . . and she is perfect in every way for Apollo, but we have discovered she is FAR from “house broken” and leaves puddles all over the house.
THIS is Apollo!
apolloHouse training a 2 year old ain’t quite as easy as a pup . . . She has houdini’d her way out of the crate (more than once) and has ultimately necessitated a mandate that she stay in the crate and be walked (by her humans) on-leash every 4 hours . . . until we are convinced she has learned that outside is the place to pee.
Today was “Day 1” and I dutifully fed her and walked her first thing in the morning, put her in the crate and headed off to work . . . After 4 hours of FOCUSed work, I had to go home and walk Elsa and let her play for an hour . . . then her back in the crate and me back to the office for another 4 hours.
Thanks to Elsa, I’ve rediscovered a disciplined work regimen which has worked well in the past but fizzled when things got hectic.
Seth Godin provided a validating quote in his blog post this morning What have we become? (And what are we becoming?) . . . “We are always becoming, and we can always make the choice to start becoming something else, if we care.”
As true with most all people these days, I am working very diligently to get the most out of every day and have spent the past couple of weeks assessing priorities and tweaking the structure of my days . . . and I was having a difficult time shifting into the right gear because of the random structure of the summer months.
The next 5 months will be chock full of  pieces that that will add up to “becoming something else.”
I had already committed to myself that I would tackle a very daunting list of challenging growth promoting initiative to catapult my (and my teams’) effectiveness in our pursuit to sell LOTS of houses between now and . . . forever . . . and Elsa’s nudge to get me on a disciplined schedule seems to be the catalyst I need to get get this baby off the ground.
  • Tweaking my personal Daily schedule so as to be in the office more consistently
  • Every day defined times for focused Business development and Lead Generation
  • and then for appointments and “Paperwork” (Processing and auditing closings and other compliance requirements)
  • Enrolling in a rigorous “Entrepreneur Organization Catalyst” program with the intent to hone my Leadership skills and learn how to improve our organizational effectiveness and reach . . .
  • Seizing an opportunity that recently surfaced that has potential to launch a new “Arm” for Pareto Realty.
  • Revising our Policies and Guidelines manual and our process flow guidelines for our work with Home Buyers and Sellers. I do this every year and will “roll out” the new and improved flows in December.
So . . . I invite you, too, to step out of whatever “rut” you might have worked yourself into and do some work on finding a smoother and more effective way to go about your business of serving Home Buyers and Sellers impeccably.
Assuming Elsa’s as powerful as I think she is . . . I believe we’ll have a fresh batch of doodle puppies by Christmas !
And a well oiled, lean, mean real estate sales and consulting MACHINE known as Pareto Realty!
Will YOU rise to the challenge!

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  1. I rise but slowly ::: I have a different Verizon phone and have not seen your most recent blogs:: I would b interested in your new project to make your organization run smoothly::

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