House Valuation enigma

Ask 3 different REALTORS what your house is worth.

Then ask a few Appraisers.

Check your County tax assessment.

Ask Zillow.

Talk to all your neighbors to see what they think.

Watch other houses in your neighborhood being listed and sold and compare them to your house.

You’re gonna get a WIDE range of answers with the probability of @ a 20% margin . . . That’s 20% Higher or 20% lower than the median.

So . . . What’s it worth?

Does it really matter unless you plan on selling it today?

OK – Here’s what it’s worth:

That amount of money a Buyer is willing to pay and you are willing to accept.

I know . . . You just rolled your eyes with disgust, but I AM being genuine and authentic.

Most everyone’s crystal ball is very cloudy these days,

The most knowledgeable REALTOR may list a house at a price the Appraiser thinks is BONKERS – too HIGH . . . just as 27 showings happen within 24 hours of hitting the market, and 9 of them make offers with 2 of the offers being elaborate rube goldbergish escalation clauses.

Meanwhile, the house next door hits the market at a significantly lower list price and gets almost no attention whatsoever . . .

I only have one answer:

I’t’s karma!

I LOVE playing the valuation game and helping home sellers get the MOST for their houses with the best terms.

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