Hot Fresh and worth the wait

If you’re in a hurry, don’t expect it to be HOT and FRESH!

Fast food restaurateurs are in the forever quest of being able to deliver Hot and Fresh food . . . FAST to every customer.

Accomplishing this is enigmatic.

Sure it’s possible to deliver it fast and fresh for many customers, but all?

The problem arises as popularity builds . . . More and more people hear about your FAST, HOT and FRESH and want to experience this, so they come in droves.

Invariably, the “success” leads to some comprising¬† resulting in slightly less Fast, less Hot, and/or less Fresh.

Often the choice boils down to some tough decisions . . . Which will you refuse to compromise?

Do you demand NO compromise on FAST and Hot? OK! so you invest in food warmers and start pre-cooking orders (Less Fresh).

This decision ultimately boils down to your commitment to your customers.

Are you willing to chance losing their loyalty by delivering less to more people in the belief that more volume will convert to more profit!

OR . . . do you do as Hattie B’s¬†does and commit to HOT and FRESH with no promise of fast?

Folks come and create lines around the building even in the most inclement weather to get their HOT and FRESH HOT CHICKEN.

If you’re in a hurry, you have ONE choice to “cheat the system” – You can order on-line and pick it up in 30ish minutes . . . there’s no promise of your order being ready early because they are SO committed to HOT and FRESH that they won’t cook it until it’s time for you to pick it up. I’ve never ordered on-line and had to wait past the pick-up time.

So . . . What are the “deliverables” you provide in your business that are absolute requirements?

Focus on THOSE and ALWAYS get them right, and you’ll be famous until or unless you get carried away with an urge to “scale up”

Your choice – Mediocrity or Excellence?


Published by Barry Owen

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