Honoring a Veteran is easier than you think

A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount up to and including their life.— Unknown

Most Veterans are humble folks who “laid themselves on the line” for a period of their lives to serve and protect our country The United States of America.

Every Veteran was significant while in service regardless of MOS (military occupational specialty code)

I served 12 years as an US Army Engineer Officer (12A), and I trained with and worked alongside and in coordination with Marines – Navy – Airforce – Coast Guard.

Veterans understand TEAM at a very high level. I just did a little research and discovered there are 277 military occupational specialties in these 5 “Branches of the Military”.

I participated in a single mission in Panama which involved personnel from every branch. My unit supported an Infantry road building operation (through tough Jungle terrain). We provided “Mobility support” installing temporary bridging assets M4T6 across dry and wet gaps – designing and overseeing construction of permanent timber trestle bridges. We also provided occasional demolition support. The Airforce flew us into Panama with C141 support. The Navy brought our rock crushing and other assets (Heavy Equipment) and delivered them on the beaches. The Coast guard provided coastal safety and security, and the Marines kept us all safe as we cleared Jungle and built roads and bridges.

Imagine the logistical requirements to support this operation – Getting the necessary fuel, ammo, food, shelter, communication, ammunition, clothes, etc

NO person in that operation was more crucial to the success of the mission than any other.

We were a force of ONE!

The same rings true for all Veterans whom we thank on this day.

All of us Veterans are thankful for each other’s service.

Humbly proud to have signed up for this.

Thank you for YOUR service!

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