Home Owners are the Ninja Marketers when selling

As a REALTOR, there’s nothing I’d like better than to take full credit for the quick and smooth closing of a newly listed for sale house.

I know better . . .

After all, my primary function in the real estate transaction is to drive the process including advising the Owner on sales related issues, marketing to the best of my ability, and knowing the ins and outs of the required disclosures and due process of the deal.

None of that really sells the house.

“WHAT then” you ask “IS what sells the house?”

The answer ultimately lies in the Seller’s “responsibilities” because it is the SELLER who makes the decisions.

While the Real Estate Professional advises the seller, that advice cannot and will not be significant unless the home owner decides to heed it and take appropriate action.

  • REALTOR advises on price based on what’s happening in the local market. Owner decides what the listing price will be based on that market comparable information AND on myriad other moving parts – Motivation for selling, financial situation, emotional attachment . . . Once owner decides on listing price, REALTOR then has a decision of her own to make . . . Does she accept the listing or not? If she accepts it, she is acknowledging (owning) the Owner’s decision and accepting the probability that her process and that price will sell the house in a timely manner.
  • CONDITION – REALTOR can advise Seller on condition issues. Again, the owner decides . . . Again, the¬†REALTOR has a decision to make
  • SHOWABILITY – REALTOR can advise Seller on making the house presentable and appealing to prospective Buyers and infinitely available for PRIVATE viewings (without the Seller being present). Of course, the owner makes the decisions on these matters and again the REALTOR has a decision to make.
  • Negotiation & completion – REALTOR advises throughout these phases and Seller makes the decisions.

My observation is that the more in synch REALTOR and Seller are the smoother and faster the transaction transpires.

Knowing respective roles in the transaction up front generally sets up a good experience for all.

I am in no way insinuating that the REALTOR’s advice is ALWAYS the best advice and that the owner should take it and decide THAT course of action EVERY time . . .

Here’s the “Ninja” Part . . .

The subtle truth of all of this is the Seller is the one calling all of the shots (making informed decisions) based on the REALTOR’s advice and information. This owner has more power than they often know because they DO control Price, Condition, Showability, and ultimate success of the negotiation and completion of the transaction through the very decisions they make along the way.

Ninja Home Owners sneak onto the market, grab a buyer, and vanish into the “closed” file with eerie ease . . . While the rest of the lingering market slogs along chasing the market and pummeling their REALTOR to do more marketing.

It takes BOTH:

Ninja Seller who understands his “job” is to make the decisions


Ninja REALTOR who clearly understands her job to advise the owner and manage the process.

Simple as pie . . .

I’m just sayin’



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