Highest and Best

“Highest and Best” seems to be showing up in conversations relating to myriad topics these days.

Some ways I hear folks apply:

  • We have multiple offers! Give me your Highest and Best offer NLT 5 PM tomorrow. We will let you know if you win the property by 10 AM next day.
  • What’s the Highest and Best use of that piece of property?
    • Single family House
    • Horizontal Regime (2 houses on one lot)
    • Development for more than 2 Single Family Houses
    • Condominium Development (Townhomes or flats)
    • Parking lot
    • Church
    • School
    • Community center
    • Retail store (or mall)
    • Office Building
    • Gas Station
    • Car wash
    • Bowling alley
    • ?????
  • What’s the Highest and Best use of this $20 bill?
  • What’s the highest and Best use of my TIME this afternoon?
  • What’s the highest and best use of my ATTENTION – My FOCUS
  • What’s the highest and best use of your unique TALENT and expertise?
  • What’s the highest and Best use of your personality

Let’s simplify this questioning . . . More powerful with fewer words:

“Relative to __________, What Matters NOW?”

If we begin with some time with this question before we act, we might:

  • Make fewer mistakes
  • Be more productive
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Enjoy deeper relationships
  • Know that we are getting the Highest and Best use of our self

You deserve to be the best you can be always . . . and you won’t be that unless you consistently question . . . What Matters NOW?

Oh by the way . . . the rest of us are ecstatic when you make choices based on what matters most to you because we get to live vicariously through your pursuit of PASSION . . . your commitment to follow your heart.

. . . and this is contagious.

As you attend to what Matters NOW to you, you are teaching others how to do the same . . . and you are serving others at the Highest level imaginable.


Every day in my world of consulting with Home Buyers and Sellers and Real Estate Sale Professionals, I hear lots of chatter about “Highest and Best” . . . and those 3 magical words pop out of my mouth.

What Matters NOW!

Nothing can add instant clarity quite like it.

Try it . . . I think you’ll like it.



Published by Barry Owen

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