High Play or Competition?

I had a profound revelation at last night’s soccer game.

Playing the game isn’t ALL about winning.

If we make it ALL about winning, there must be a loser.

Most folks make a big about this “Competition” as if it’s the end-all/be-all for all things in life.

So . . . If you don’t WIN, you’re a FAILURE!

From this perspective when our competitor scores more points than we score, we see all kinds of dynamics unfold.

It dawned on me that many teams “unravel” when they’re “behind” in terms of score . . .

The players get irritable – They “take it out on” the Refs, the other team, and each other.

The direct result is that the game is less fun for everyone and the “Losing Team” makes more mistakes thereby making their struggle their demise.

Herein lies the problem . . .

I have 5 dogs, and they show me a fine example of “high play” every day as they chase each other and wrestle and COMPETE . . . because it’s FUN.

They learn each other’s boundaries and they stretch each other with new strategies.

They rarely get angry enough to FIGHT – Occasional skirmishes, but no fights.

When we mature enough that we play for the fun of the game, we evolve to this “high play” level.

The word “competition” takes on a slightly different meaning.

We are, indeed, striving for peak performance individually and as a team . . .

As long as we doing our best and improving over time, we are winning.

I learned this from my daughter’s soccer game last night and talk about it in this morning’s Drive Time Video.

Such a great lesson for me . . . My competitive Spirit had me downright ANGRIER with each goal scored, while our team was WAY more mature than I as they celebrated their accomplishments against all odds.

I didn’t enjoy the game . . . They did . . . and they taught me why.

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