HEY! Put my Cheese Back where you found it!

“Everything is always moving . . . ” slipped out of Ralph Copleman’s mouth.

The group of @ 65 people were seated in a large circle contemplating the 3 full days of mind-blowing synchronization of ideas and fellowship and learning and celebrating and dancing and singing, and the feeling of the moment was one of fulfilled exhaustion. this would be our final gathering before we would all walk out from the circle and to our respective homes all around the world.

The “Talking stick” had made its way all the way around the circle – each person holding it if only for a moment before passing it to the right. Some folks spoke of their experience of the event while others gave a subtle nod and gifted everyone with a moment of silent contemplation. When the Talking Stick made it back to the origin, there was a fantastic, palpable silence that ensued for many minutes . . . until Ralph spoke those words . . . then another extended period of silence which was shattered by a spontaneous crescendo of laughter at which point we all knew it was over and time to move on.

Those 4 words “Everything is always moving” summed up pretty much all of the rich conversations which had consumed all of us for 3 solid days.

the laughter was universal acknowledgement of this truth.

And so . . . we all want our cheese to obediently stay  right where we leave it – FOREVER!

but it doesn’t!

Someone is always moving it.

they might call this an “improvement” or an upgrade.

It’s a necessary evil . . .

evolve or die . . .

Adapt to the ever changing environment.

Acknowledge that everything is a part of everything, so when Microsoft tweaks Windows, all of the apps and programs must also tweak.

When the competition shifts strategy, so must we.

We want to hold on to the way we’ve always done things around here, but the “cut-over-date” of the new way looms larger and nearer with every passing minute.

This is the grim reality we REALTORS in Middle Tennessee are facing as our beloved Multiple Listing System recently announced that the cut-over-date of “Version 3.0” will be March 29, 2016 . . . . EEEEEK!


The “Preview/Beta” version has been available for years, but only the early adapters have been using it . . . as of March 29, EVERYONE will be using it – Like it or not.

Some will say this indicates the end of their career because there’s no way in Hell they’re going to be able to learn a whole new system, and this will DESTROY their ability to sell houses.

I remember when the internet came along, and many of those same REALTORS said they would NEVER touch a computer and that it was just a passing fad.

I know we’ll all be OK , because Ralph told me “Everything is always moving” . . . that’s the natural order of things . . . and most everything turns out OK in the end.

So . . . Go ahead and move my cheese because if you don’t someone else will.

This is only painful if you struggle 🙂

PS – Ralph said this @ 20 years ago . . . Just a few years later, Ralph stopped moving peacefully in his sleep, but he will be alive within me and every other person who was lucky enough to cross paths with him while living . . . and now within you!

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