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Spirit works in amazing ways when we listen.

Last week, I attended the NINJA Selling Installation at Greater Nashville REALTORS.

Dennis Giannetti was our “NINJA Installer”, and he was magnificent as he presented “The System” beginning with lots of mindset work . . . For sure if you want to make a significant shift in your way – your lifestyle – your success, you must first re-wire your brain to perform in a different, more dialed in and productive way.

The alternative would be to do what most “normal” people (the trivial many . . . the mass of men and women who lead lives of quiet desperation) who choose the path of insanity by doing all the same things and expecting different results.

I have witnessed this many hundreds of times . . . A SUPERB motivational speaker delivers the message with all the impact necessary to effect the true changing of lives for the better . . . and most of the “students” leave that training room and never get around to implementing the system that is proven to WORK.

As a long-time “Instructor – Coach – Trainer – Leader”, this has troubled me for years. If you’re not going take action, why even spend the time, energy, and money?

Theoretically . . . When you first signed up, you were “investing” in your success. You were paying money and committing to show up and be present based on the promise of the presenter. Presumably, then, you would also take full advantage of the knowledge/information . . . The SYSTEM ASAP upon returning to you work environment.

The shelf life of the knowledge and commitment to follow through with implementation is a veritable flash in the pan if you hesitate to take immediate ACTION!

“TSW” shows up everywhere in the NINJA Selling curriculum – an acronym for “The System Works”.

This system paves the path to probable success.

Don’t “tweak it”!

Don’t leave out parts of it “because they make me feel uncomfortable”.

The TRUTH! You MUST be uncomfortable to grow – to stretch – to learn.

NO ONE promised this would be easy!

All that was promised was TSW, and if you abandoned ALL of your current habits and behaviors (cleared the slate) and relegated ALL of your attention (FOCUS) on re-tooling your activities precisely as they were presented in the training sessions, odds are VERY high that you would achieve your goals.

Someone asked me yesterday: “How do you differentiate an “unrealistic pipe dream” from a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal?”

I think the difference boils down to all I have written above – a BHAG incudes the following:

  • A clear “WHY?” Why is this important?
  • A clear path. TSW – The System WORKS! Just do it!
  • A passion for the work required
  • Willingness to take full, personal responsibility for the work and results. No one else is at fault for your failure or success, but you!
  • Uncomfortableness – Must be present! Whenever you’re feeling comfortable, it might be time to check in to ensure you haven’t veered off course from the system.
  • Telling the truth – Don’t fool yourself by fudging your work – EVER! If you promise to make 50 calls every week, do your best to make those 50 calls – If you only get 40 done, record this accurately. The first time you give yourself permission not to report the truth, you have immediately established a damaging new habit.
  • WHO have you invited to make this journey with you? Are these people of like mindset? If they are not as committed as you, they will sabotage your efforts.
  • WHAT are your accountability mechanisms? Other than yourself, to whom do you report your successes and failures?

A final thought for those who might be resisting this notion of “working a system” because what you have been doing has been “good enough”, and you think that your way of doing things, in some way, is a “differentiation” because of your magnificent “personal care” of your clients . . . There’s ALWAYS room for improvement!

The Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty get these concepts at a high level. This is our “native tongue”, and we always have our ear to the ground listening for other like-minded REALTORS in Middle TN in search of the tribe. Well . . . Here it is . . . Just connect with me barry@paretorealtyllc.com , and let’s have a mutual interview conversation.

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