Heat and pressure forge better REALTORS

From http://thefreedictionary.com:


smelt [smelt]: to melt (ore) in order to separate metal from waste.


Forge:  To form (metal, for example) by heating in a forge and beating or hammering into shape.


Most anyone in business these days can relate to the analogy.


5 years ago, the economy went toxic as the “prosperity phase” of the Economic Cycle gave way to “contraction” leading to “recession” and ultimately “Deep Recession” (some say “Depression”)


During the several years of Prosperity, every profession (including REALTORS) gained many new practitioners most of whom were able to make a decent living because – well – we were in times of prosperity, and there was plenty of low hanging fruit.


Those were the years we “mined” MUCH “Raw Material” and the number of practicing Real Estate Professionals grew precipitously.


Contraction started the smelting process . . . The high heat of the economic downturn has gradually thinned the ranks of real estate professionals. My estimation is that in the past 5 years @ 40+% of the REALTORS moved on to other pursuits.


The 60% who have endured are now forged into lean, efficient, nimble, quintessential Real Estate Sales/Consulting Professionals.


Interestingly, (thanks to this economic down-turn) our profession has gained a new breed of REALTORS . . . folks who were professionals in other industries who either lost their jobs (downsizing companies) or saw opportunity and consciously chose to pursue real estate sales.


The end “product” is a “smelted and forged” REALTOR who is serious about business and serving Home Buyers and Sellers impeccably.


The REALTOR of today wakes up every morning thinking about how she can improve her service . . . What can she do TODAY to improve her LOCAL community?


Today’s REALTOR has a steadfast COMMITMENT to LEARNING and can be found in the classroom frequently soaking in all the knowledge available . . . and networking/masterminding with other REALTORS to hone her effectiveness for her clients and community.


Today’s REALTOR researches CONSTANTLY and fine tunes his “statistician within” so as to be able interpret the shifting and shaping of the real estate market as it relates to his area of service/expterise.


Today’s REALTOR plugs into myriad internet tools and sites and continually searches for others . . . all of which leverage his marketing efforts to best serve his clients. These sites provide more “bandwidth” in AND out bound . . . and is an essential ingredient in UNDERSTANDING the goings-on in the Local, City, State, National, and International levels and how they might play into the decisions of home Buyers and Sellers.


My bottom line . . . If you know a REALTOR, go find that person today and offer a word of THANKS and APPRECIATION for caring enough to do whatever it takes to serve the community.


Just sayin’





PS: Pareto Realty consists of a relatively small band of Real Estate Professionals who wake up every morning thinking these thoughts . . . We stand poised and ready to serve Home Buyers and Sellers in Middle Tennessee – QUINTESSENTIALLY!


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