Heard today: “Accountability doesn’t work!”


This comment came at the end of session I facilitated during which I stressed the importance of having a strong accountability network built around the participants’ efforts to implement The Life Rhythm Way.

Throughout the session, my mantra was that understanding the flow of the “system” was only the beginning . . . that being held ACCOUNTABLE to implementation and execution of the principles is the real key to significant change . . . and success in the form of a nice flow (rhythm) of life.

One of the participants sighed at the end and commented that she was having difficulty finding anyone who would agree to be her accountability partner . . . and that one person had told her:

“NO! Because Accountability DOESN’T WORK . . . I’ve tried it many times, and it never works.”

I had a commanding officer in the Army whose favorite saying was:

“The only people I hate are QUITTERS and WIMPS!”

Abandoning accountability as a valid “tool” for creating significant positive change is akin to wimping out – QUITTING!

This is a cop-out.

The ONLY reason I can imagine that accountability wouldn’t “work” is lack of motivation.

The most toxic emotion I can imagine is resentment.

When someone attempts to hold an unmotivated person accountable, the resenting commences.

It’s ugly and counter-productive . . . and it leads to self-destruction in the form of justifying the doing of the same stuff and expecting different results.

so . . . for those who have motivation and believe in accountability . . . 

find a person – ANY person – who would be willing to do the following:

  • Expect a written Weekly Plan from you in her email in-box every Monday morning by 10 AM. If it doesn’t come, CALL you and ask where it is?
  • Agree to meet with you weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly to ask you:
    • What did you tell me you would do between our last meeting and now?
    • Did you do it?
      • If so
        • How’d it go?
        • Is it finished?
        • What’s next?
      • If not
        • Why didn’t you do it?
        • Is it still important?
        • Do you know how to do it?
        • When will you do it?
    • What will you do between now and our next meeting?

This ain’t rocket science and regardless of what the nay-sayers say . . .

Accountability ALWAYS “works” (when motivation to succeed is present)


PS . . . Registration and details for the next Life Rhythm Workshop are here:


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