Have you had a lot of training?

Whether your answer is “Yes” or “No” it shows.

How dialed in is your process?

How consistent is your communication?

How confident are you?

Are you responsive or reactive when things go wonky?

What do you say when your customer doesn’t ask the questions you expect?

Who’s in charge – You or your Customer?

Who takes the blame when the train wrecks?

Why do you do things the way you do them?

How certain are you that you are doing things legally and ethically?

Who do you call when you need advice?

Do you have a Mentor?

How ’bout a role model?

How often do you feel out of control?

Your answers to any and ALL of these questions confirm the need for and value of continuous training.

Would you like to witness a business model that does this well?

This is a business that requires all employees to train and train and train and has a VERY dialed in process such that every customer receives the same, consistent service from every employee efficiently.


Go see them even if you don’t need a car . . . just to take their service for a test drive.

I sold a car to them yesterday, and it took a grand total of @ 64 minutes in 2 visits.

The first visit was @ 40 minutes. They asked lots of questions about why I was selling the car. Was I replacing it with another or selling a car I no longer need . . . followed by a VERY clear description of their process. they took the keys and handed them off to another person who examined the car and took it for a drive while we browsed in the showroom and talked with our Rep.

“Ding” – their offer showed up on the computer monitor along with a summary of everything they learned about the car in their inspection. I thought the offer was very fair (Higher than I expected), and it was good for 7 days.

I offered the car to family at that price – they declined – so I went back to Carmax with the car and the offer – 24 minutes later, I walked out of the store with a check in-hand and a smile on my face.

Flawless execution of a very smooth process ONLY comes with great training.

So . . . I ask again:

Have you had a lot of training?

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