Happy New Year! Oh the possibilities . . .

2015 is here!

It’s 5:00 PM on the 1st day of the new year, and my head is swimming with possibilities.

Sure! I’ve done my planning throughout the past 45ish days and feel quintessentially prepared to LAUNCH into this new year with very focused ACTION!

Even so . . . Even as I review (today) these plans and goals for 2015, I marvel at the possibilities.

Every Motivational Speaker/Guru very clearly emphasizes the proclaimed truth that if you can dream it, you can get there . . . so keep on dreaming – Build a strategy – Maintain focus – and Just DO it!

Why then, do so many people fail to realize their potential by year end?

It’s not due to lack of clear vision.

It’s not a function of talent or intelligence or resources . . .


When Passion is present (and given the safe space to flourish), miraculous mission accomplishment just happens.

When your dreams and goals (Possibilities) align with your true passion, taking responsibility for seeing them through is easier.

Truly passionate folks natural develop DISCIPLINE and HABITS which pull them through the rough spots along the way.

Ingrained Discipline and Habits, give the brain the leverage it needs to work through the challenges and exercise creativity to navigate the myriad distractions from outside “forces”

These “Passion Warriors” seek leverage through People, Development of Systems, and integration of Tools.

ALL of us have what it takes to succeed at accomplishing our goals for 2015 . . .

but FIRST, we must set goals which align with our PASSION.

What will YOU do with your potential in 2015?

I am SO excited for you!

Please let me know how it goes.

PS – If you’re in middle Tennessee and would like a boost, join us January 7 for our first session of:

Starting 2015 with a BANG

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