Hang up and DRIVE (your life)!

These darned phones are SO smart that most folks don’t need even need to speak with each other any more . . . unless it’s to swap intel @ aps . . . or talk about which phone is the BEST phone that does the MOST the FASTEST. 

Are your peeps more important than your family, your friends, your personal & professional performance, and your ability to FOCUS?

Is the first thing you do each morning (before rolling out of bed) is to grab that phone and check email and facebook and twitter and send a few tweets to say “Good Morning!” to your peeps . . . before you even know if your family lived through the night?

Do you then take that beloved phone to the bathroom with you so you can be sure to hear the beeps while you’re showering . . . then to the breakfast table lest you miss a great opportunity to retweet?

And so it goes – all day – While driving – While walking – Through Lunch and Supper – and even as you turn the lights out, the last thing you do before closing your eyes is “one last scan” of the phone.

That phone has become your Linus’s blanket.

You’re certifiably addicted!

While this behavior might give you security, I believe that phone is sucking the life out of you. It’s robbing you of many of the joys of the human experience.

Simple things like being able to FOCUS each day before taking appropriate action (How would you know the action you are taking is appropriate unless you focus FIRST?).

or . . . Loving on, laughing and playing with, acknowledging, and spending REAL quality time with family and friends.

We ALL need REAL social, emotional, mental, physical, and Spiritual practice EVERY day . . . and I believe that many folks are missing out on most of these most days . . . because of that darned electronic smart phone appendage.

Justification is easy . . . after all, your phone IS your lifeline to your work and gives all of you acquaintances IMMEDIATE access to you ALWAYS.

While that may be true, do you know where you’re going?

Are you stopping and smelling the roses once in a while?

Are you driving your life towards something that matters . . . or are you driving your life aimlessly allowing your phone to dictate your azimuth?

Here’s my suggestion . . .

Turn the phone OFF at quittin’ time each day (Do you HAVE  a quittin’ time?)

Don’t turn that thing back on until you’ve awakened the next morning and done these things


focus on what the day is going to look like


eat a Healthy breakfast

BE with your family during this time.

Then leave for work . . . Drive to the office (phone still OFF)

Get to your desk or work space . . . NOW turn the phone on ONLY to check for important messages . . . Write down all messages TO TAKE ACTION ON LATER.

Now . . . Turn it back off . . . take 2-3 hours to do your lead generation (use a landline) and DO NOT get sucked into email or Twitter or facebook.

When  you’ve completed your 20% (The things that MATTER), NOW you can go for broke with that phone. Turn it on and let it rule the remainder of your day 🙂

All in the name of achieving High Performance 🙂

I’m just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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