Half Full?

or half empty?

That might be one of the most widely know cliches.

Some people are “Half Full People” . . . The others are “Half Empty People”

They don’t understand each other.

those Half Full people are unrealistically optimistic, and why are those half empty people so pessimistic?

After all, shouldn’t EVERYONE be ecstatic with their good fortune?

couldn’t things be a LOT worse than they are now?


of course, everything is not pie in the sky hunkie-dorie . . . there are issues we must acknowledge and resolve.

When I represent a “Half full” client, and we enter a negotiation with another “Half Full” client, things tend to roll along smoothly, and everyone comes out a winner with high fives all around at the closing table.

throw in one “Half empty” person, and things may get dicey.

Half empties on both sides = pure mayhem and often failed deal.

So there ya have the pure essence of a successful sale person’s career . . . Knowing “Half fulls” and “Half empties” when we see them – Recognizing the differences . . . and being the glue that keeps thing together.

Have you hugged your REALTOR today?

Published by Barry Owen

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