Great question – Here’s my answer to a different question

Clearly, the digital world has damaged many peoples’ ability to engage in useful dialog.

This morning, I came to the conclusion that 80% of the comments in any given thread are not “dialog” . . . they are a collage of ego driven monologues. (on my 3rd reading of this comment, I almost deleted it under the heading of “cynical” – Jaded, and then realized it is totally appropriate).

My observation of several Facebook Groups and a couple of email list-serves, confirms this suspicion. It’s truly a rarity that the comments of the thread directly address the question posed.

This is not due to lack of intelligence because IMHO (in my humble opinion), the members of these on-line communities are brilliant experts and quintessential professionals.

If it’s so true that these folks are “Grande Masters” of their form of art, how can they be so off-target so often in these forums?

  • Ego . . . Are these folks so egotistical they only participate to grandstand their amazing wealth of knowledge . . . Legends in their own minds? Every question is an opportunity to demonstrate their superior status in the field.
  • Distraction . . . They read the question while their brains were off somewhere else, so they respond with complete nonsensical gibberish.
  • Space Invaders . . . AKA “Trolls” are intentional trouble-makers, disrupters, rabble rousers looking for a fight.
  • Confused – Filtered . . . Maybe they were struggling with a similar question (but not the same as the one posed) so they answered their own question instead.
  • Inattention – These folks might just be bored and mindlessly scanning their feeds, see your question, and don’t read it to understand . . . only to respond (even if totally off-target)

For sure, there are other reasons not the least of which is the brutal truth that digital communication is single dimensional and way too easy for folks to hide their true self and broadcast their “plastic” public self.

In the digital world we CAN be larger than life . . . without all of that responsibility to pay attention.

Show up – Be present – Tell the truth – Let it go


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