Gratified by all of the Thankfulness :-)

Today, I am full of gratitude for the work I am able to do every day.

Every day that I find a new client is a great day . . . as these clients quickly become friends!

The past several weeks have been particularly rich with new relationships showing up, and it is very clear to me that with more diversity of human interaction comes more potential for living a high performance life.

We fuel each other.

“They” say there’s no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. I think the human network IS a perpetual motion machine . . . as we bring new people into our lives, we expand energy and possibilities.

I am particularly cognizant of this dynamic on this Thanksgiving Eve as I wrap up some things at the office in preparation for a day of celebrating the Harvest with friends and family.

there’s this steady stream of positivism flowing through my email inbox, facebook and twitter feeds, and manifesting in casual encounters with other folks in that “wind-down” mode.

So . . .

There’s another side to this. I know there are people out there who see and hear all of this positive talk and are feeling less fortunate – not feeling it personally . . . and perhaps feel more depressed (rather than uplifted) by what they might call “Holiday Rhetoric!”

I acknowledge this . . . and I am watchful of any sign of these folks’ discomfort . . . and my hope is that if any are listening to this message, they will hear me on this simple plea.

Identify ONE thing for which you are thankful . . . Take tomorrow OFF from all obligations and use the day to take yourself to a place where you can celebrate that one thing and yourself.

One thing is certain in my mind . . . I’ve never made acquaintance with ANY person who didn’t in some way contribute to my life and who I am today . . . and for EVERY one of those people I am thankful.

Now I’ve come full circle . . . What I am MOST thankful for this year are the PEOPLE who have shown up in my life this year.

Therein lies MY Harvest!

Thank you!

Wishing you a FABULOUS Day of Giving Thanks tomorrow!


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