Every day is a graduation . . . a reason to celebrate the schooling of the day.

After which we sleep and awaken next morning as Freshmen in the next day’s school.

This time of Year, there are graduations of greater magnitude . . . Like from Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, College, Graduate School

Kindergarten middleAll are reasons to celebrate theĀ Herculean Accomplishments of the Graduates during the Session.

Today, I’ve seen tears of joy as friends come to the realization that “It’s Over” . . . and honor their mutual support and respect for each other through the trials and tribulations of their journey together . . . and the “AHA!” that the tribe is scattering in all directions for this next phase of life.

As sad as it seems, this is a wondrous and miraculous happening.

Because . . .

Each of these graduates is taking their piece of all they had together to a new place where they will cross-pollinate thereby spreading, joy, wisdom, love, respect.

and what’s even better is that each will do great things and learn and grow . . . and will “Report Back” to each other and have occasional reunions . . .

Next thing ya know . . . they’ll be ruling our world.

I graduated High school in 1981 and am in complete AWE of all of the fabulous accomplishments of my classmates in the 32 years hence . . . We’ve made a dent in this world together and separately.

Just as each of us has the opportunity to do each and EVERY day.


(This means ALL of us)


weird ain’t it?


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