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I believe in you SO much . . . I’m inviting you to knock out your plan for 2019 before Thanksgiving.

New Habits Yield Stratospheric Business Success in 2019

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THIS. Your opportunity to set yourself up for personal professional fulfillment in 2019. This 5 week workshop is WAY more than just another “Business Planning Clinic” . . . It’s all about learning your best authentic “way” to live that supports optimal productivity. A springboard for helping you be the best you can be in 2019 and beyond. Suitable for anyone in any profession (Not just REALTORS). Do this, and you’ll have a solid plan for 2019 before Thanksgiving 🙂

In the event you are not in Nashville, TN and want to participate in this event, please visit

“Like” Pareto Realty and click the “Going” button in the event . . . If the on-line demand is “enough”, I will stream it through Facebook live or another interactive means (I have the technology but not the know-how . . . yet!

There is no fee whatsoever for this workshop, but there IS a mandate:

If you choose to opt in, commit to show up and be FULLY PRESENT for all 5 Sessions.

Do this, and I promise you will emerge at the end with a COMPLETE plan for 2019 along with a few new habits that’ll literally be game changers for the remainder of your life.

I’m setting this bar pretty high, aren’t I?

Well, I don’t think so . . . I hereby challenge you to fully engage and prove to yourself that you believe in yourself more than I believe in you.

This morning’s offers a good “fire-starter” for you . . . Pre-work for the workshop.

I can’t wait to see you SOAR personally and professional in 2019

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