Good Home Buying Strategy

Do you know HOW to buy a house?

My guess is that most people who have never bought a house have not made a conscious choice NOT to buy . . . They simply don’t know HOW!

(and may be embarrassed to ask even though they are quintessentially qualified)

This common “inaction” begins at the very core with not knowing where to start???

  • Do you go to your banker?
  • Call a Real Estate Sales Person from an ad or billboard?
  • Go to Open Houses?
  • How can you be sure that you’re not making a mistake and/or being taken advantage?

Without question, what you need MOST is a great STRATEGY.

(I cheated – I learned this on Sports Fields/Courts and in the Army)

First, Identify the OBJECTIVE!

What’s your MISSION?

Then, Build a team of the right people to help you accomplish the mission (reach the objective).

If you haven’t the foggiest notion as to who to call to build this elite team, find yourself a STRATEGIST.

Good Strategists “Have an App” for every facet of the mission.

They know the process inside and out – like the back of their hand – and can execute the strategy blindfolded.

They know all the right specialists and they know who to call when something breaks down in the process.

So . . . Your key to a smooth home purchase experience is to begin with ONE person . . . Your own, personal strategist.

This person will educate you enough that you feel confident that you are making informed decisions throughout the process.

The Strategist will warn you of perils along the way and will ALWAYS have SOLUTIONS.

The Strategist is always thinking FORWARD towards what’s next . . . anticipating and adjusting based on how things are evolving out “in the field.”

With a great strategist by your side, you’re responding (not reacting) to emergent issues.

Your strategist “manages” the tempo of the experience . . . always appearing to be calm, cool, collected, and in control (which is often not representative of what’s going on inside her head).

Your Strategist is ALWAYS thinking!

I’m a Real Estate Strategist!

All of the above describes how I serve my clients (Home Buyers and Sellers Throughout Middle Tennessee).

An Example:

50 FrontI just listed for sale this house.

5053 N Hilson Dr

Crieve Hall – Nashville, TN

Price: $179,900

1,695 SF with 4 Bedrooms and 2.5 Baths

2 car garage – Could use some up-dating and is in good condition.

A Quiet Cul-De-Sac, fenced lot

Convenient Location

Elementary School Zone is Crieve Hall Elementary.

All good Strategists are also good OBSERVERS.

On the surface, there’s not much spectacular about this house. If you were to take a look at the area within a mile radius of this house, you might not notice what’s more special about THIS house over and above EVERY OTHER HOUSE priced under $200,000 . . .???

THIS is the ONLY house currently on the market under $200K in the Crieve Hall Elementary School Zone.

There are other houses available in this school zone, but they are ALL significantly more pricey than this one.

So . . . Good Buyer Strategy =

  • Desirable School Zone
  • Priced at the BOTTOM end of the area House prices
  • Cul-De-Sac Lot = Privacy and no through-traffic
  • Convenient Location
  • Room-Mate or In-Law Friendly – Basement Level has living area, Bedroom, and Full Bath


When you have a savvy, LOCAL STRATEGIST in your camp, you’re WAY more likely to take appropriate action and less likely to get yourself over your head in hot water.

So . . . Do YOU know if you can buy a house?

If you don’t and you’d be interested in finding out . . . connect with me, and let’s meet.

OK . . . Back to building some strategy to sell this house on N Hilson 🙂


Published by Barry Owen

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