Goin’ Walkin’

Twice EVERY day, I “go walkabout” with our dogs Apollo and JJ!

We’ve been walkin’ together now for @ 6 years . . . 1.5ish miles first thing every morning and 1.5ish miles last thing every night.

All 3 of us have lots of stories to tell like:

  • Some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets God creates for us (and anyone else who notices)
  • That coyote that walked with us (on the other side of the road) for a block
  • The Bobcat that scampered across our path (Is that good luck?)
  • SO many deer encounters – We’re friends with a few
  • Dogs Dogs and more dogs – Some in their yards and others on leashes tethered to their people.
  • Marshall – One particular dog who goes bananas at the first sight of Apollo. We are still uncertain whether Marshall wants to play or fight . . . and we haven’t tested those waters.
  • 2 Mastiffs who were often loose and playful until the day that they decided to be a “pack” and became frighteningly aggressive (at which point the owner moved out of the neighborhood to a house with a large, fenced yard.)
  • Molly – who swoons every time she sees Apollo and requires that we humans stop walking for 5 minutes so she and Apollo can have some quality time
  • Roo always just wants to play
  • Dixie wants to play also, but her human is always running, and she very obediently accompanies her person without having to be leashed.
  • Snapping turtle – Could have turned out badly
  • Nearly stepped on a skunk – YIKES!
  • Opossum Meandered past us without a worry (That thing was ugly)
  • Apollo took advantage of me losing my grip on his leash one day . . . He chased the geese into a scummy pond – STINKY! (Bath time)
  • Apollo stopped to pee – Hiked his leg – JJ walked directly into the line of fire to sniff something in the bush resulting in a yellow “Z” across JJ’s back (another bath)
  • Family of hawks – Ma & Pa and 3 babies . . . they weren’t ever worried about us, and we watched them grow up until they left the nest . . . Maybe they’ll be back to the same tree this Spring.
  • Frogs – Seem to think they can hide by sitting very still in the middle of the sidewalk or road.

Apollo, JJ, and I continue with our memory making daily.

When it’s time to “go Walkin,'” they find me, sit in front of me and STARE at me. If I don’t respond fast enough, JJ nose butts me and Apollo slaps me with one of his huge golden paws.

I put on my walkin’ shoes and appropriate clothing, and off we go.

Why do I do this for a total of an hour and a half EVERY day regardless of the weather or how busy life is?

Yes! There are days that I don’t feel like doing it, but i do it anyway because Apollo and JJ hold me accountable.

There are days THEY don’t want to go, and they show it by tugging on the leashes and stopping to sniff EVERYTHING and even sitting down like an anchor (at 12 pounds, JJ can stop me on a dime).

the truth is that this good for all 3 of us.

We have routine

We teach each other discipline

We have accountability

We get plenty of exercise

We enjoy the outside (and benefit from the fresh air)

We have great adventures . . . together

We make friends

We have time away from it all . . . time to think and gestate ideas

It’s just plain good therapy.

So . . .

This post isn’t about me walking dogs . . .

It’s about YOU and YOUR personal & professional habits.

Who holds you accountable to staying on task and doing the things that matter most?

How do you rate yourself on the discipline scale?

Do you have a consistent rhythm of taking care of yourself?

Do you intentionally devote time and energy each and every day to the ONE most important activity for your business?

Lead Generation!

All of this works together, and there’s plenty of time in every day to get it all done.

This choice is yours!

Will you now commit to your own version of goin’ walkin’ EVERY day?

I hope so, and I hope you have a fabulous New Year Celebration.

PS: – If you need someone to help you learn this new habit, adopt a dog that needs regular walkin’

It’ll be great therapy for boff y’all!

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