Go “on Retreat” Daily for Optimal Performance

When’s the last time you felt slightly scorched around the edges and on the verge of melt-down (Burn-out)?

Given the time of year . . . odds are good, you’ve been there a few times very recently as you juggle all of these balls of keeping your business pursuits moving forward while adding all of the additional activity generated by the Holidays . . . gift Buying, travel arrangements, parties (attending and hosting), preparing for in-house guests, kids out of school . . . and thinking about what the next year will bring.

What’s 2012 going to look like for you and your business?

Have you had the time and any peaceful moments to gather your thoughts and strategize about next year?

Next Month?

Next Week?


If not . . . maybe this will help.

Begin practicing the fine art of going “On retreat” Daily.

This will look differently for different folks, and none of us need to understand other’s ways 🙂

For some, it’ll be an afternoon siesta (nap) that appears to be lazy and non-productive to the busy-bees amongst us.

Others will escape to the local coffee shop and hole up in a corner for an hour.

Some will go for exercise and/or fresh air – to the gym or a hike in the park.

and there are those people who have the ability to simply “Turn OFF” without going anywhere. These folks can be particularly disturbing to others because they tend to enter a catatonic state . . . and folks wonder if they’re still breathing.

The point is . . . If you don’t find YOUR way to go “on-retreat” when you need, you very well may spontaneously combust . . . and what good will you be?

Regardless of your method . . . I offer the following MUSTS (Givens)

  • Turn off ALL forms of communication with other humans – Cell Phones, Email, Facebook etc . . . You might use a computer for the tools you need for planning (Calendar, spreadsheet, etc)
  • Don’t tell anyone else where you are going, how long you’ll be there, or what you’re doing . . . just DISAPPEAR . . . Go do what needs doing and reappear when you’re refreshed.
  • TOTALLY DO THIS EVERY DAY! The more frequently you do this, the better you’ll at doing it (Practice makes perfect), and you’ll have less work to do on yourself each time. If you only do this once a month or once a year, you’re selling yourself short.
  • Begin by focusing on NOTHING!
  • When you DO focus . . . focus ONLY on things and relationships that MATTER!
  • Prioritize . . .
  • When you come off retreat . . . TAKE ACTION!
Now for my personal “Secret Weapon” to get the MOST out of every day.
Indubitably, we ALL wear many hats and must wear different hats at different times throughout the day.
We’re most effective when we “SINGLE TASK” . . . put ONE hat on do ONLY that – PURE FOCUS!
Then we shift gears (Switch hats) and FOCUS on ONLY THAT!
When we do this, we are SHOWING UP and BEING PRESENT everywhere we go 🙂
So . . . Combine this notion of “On Retreat” with Single tasking, and we get this RHYTHM that takes us to Optimal performance . . . Looks something like this (for me):
  • Morning Wake up . . . “On retreat” for 30 minutes before ANY human interaction
  • Don the “Family Hat” and Love, Laugh, Play til it’s time to go to work
  • On Retreat to shift gears to “Work ON the Business Mode” (Switch Hats)
  • 3 hours of FOCUSED Work ON the business (Business Development, Marketing, Admin)
  • On Retreat to shift gears to “Work IN the Business Mode”
  • 3 Hours of working IN the business (Client Meetings, Showing Houses)
  • On Retreat to shift gears to “Family Hat”
Hmm . . . 3 “days” all rolled up into @ 10 hours covering all of the bases of Live, Work, and Play
If you want to work a 40 hour (or less) work week, this is a way to get there.
gotta sharpen your saw frequently . . . and cannot FOCUS completely ONLY on what Matters unless you’re well practiced with going on personal retreat.
Just sayin’

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