Go ahead and clear the slate

How long will you jerry-rig that contraption before you lose patience?

It’s that thing that’s not working as it should, and we tolerate the necessary work-arounds under the heading of: “It still works even if not well or consistently.”

Some folks take great pride in keeping that thing alive rather then replacing it with another, newer model. The rationalization is that it still “works” . . . and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This is denial, and the cost is real in frustration, anxiety (will it work this time?), lost time and efficiency, distraction . . . yet we’re hell bent on using it til the wheels fall off.

For others, jerry-rigging is a hobby. I’m one of those people. I love a good challenge.

Knowing that I enjoy this, I decided to entertain that hobby by buying a 30 year old Mercedes Benz 560SEL. Owning this car makes zero sense to most rational people. It’s expensive to maintain, and there are potentially several $1000s of improvement “projects” on that MB560SEL to do list.

Over time, I have come to the realization that jerry-rigging does NOT belong in a professional setting. We don’t need those kinds of inefficiencies in our work flow.

So when it comes to the tools of our trade (Computers, Scanners, Telephones, Automobiles) a mindset of low tolerance for things not working as they should must be instilled.

Replace . . . or clear the slate and build new.

This post was prompted because I fell into a month long struggle with my primary computer at the office . . . It would randomly decide not to allow me to log in, and just as I was about to throw it out the window, it would WORK . . . Such an emotional roller-coaster that was . . . until I got fed up with it and cleared the slate by reformatting the drive and returning all settings to the “default” . . . Worked like a charm, and I lost nothing but frustration because all of my files were residing safely in the cloud.

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