Getting YOUR word “out there” (Attracting the Right Prospects)

Below is a “set-up” for our next Mastermind on the Ides of March (3/15 @ 10 AM – Details below) – Hoping you can join us for a lively discussion.

We like to think that we can “Market” our biz . . . and prospects will come running from the edges of the earth to do business with us . . .

The more of this we do, the more (it seems) we learn what DOESN’T work.

Many folks stay the course of throwing more money at the effort with the notion: “If I get LOUDER with my message, more people will come.

That’s when one day we wake up and small the coffee . . . We’ve fallen prey to the “ME ME ME” enigma . . . This is the trap of the “I’m NUMBER 1!” and “I’m the BEST there is . . . and any  prospect is only hurting themselves by not choosing to work with ME!

We wonder why our marketing is not bringing more prospects?

The fast retort is: “Not EVERYONE can be Number 1!”

I beg to differ . . .

I think we can ALL be “Number 1!”

Better yet . . . I think we each ALREADY are “Number 1” in the minds of the “Right People!”

WHO are YOUR “Right People?”

WHERE are YOUR “Right People?”

How do you get YOUR word out there to YOUR “right People” thereby communicating effectively to them how to find YOU when they are in need of your service/expertise?

Before spending your first dollar on ANY form of marketing . . . Consider the following:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What gets your juices flowing and REALLY gets you EXCITED and engaged?
  • What do you REALLY enjoy doing even if you’re not the best at doing it?
  • What do you know more about than most people?
  • Where’s your Heart – Your PASSION?
This “Essence of you” defines your NICHE!
Once you’ve a got a good grip on who you are (TELL THE TRUTH), it’s time to be AUTHENTIC
  • Take Full responsibility for who you are by Showing up and being present as that person you ARE (not the person you think other people want you to be)
  • Pledge NOW your commitment not to compromise your personal authenticity EVER . . . for ANY reason.
Now that we’ve got that figured out:
CONSISTENTLY and PERSISTENTLY project this “Essence of YOU” out there without judgement or limiting expectations . . . Have an open mind to what/who comes and pay attention . . . I’m betting it’ll be more of the “Right People” and fewer of the “Others”
When you find yourself in a place (or with people)  in which (with whom) you feel you are not contributing nor receiving anything of value . . . MOVE ON! Use your 2 feet to go where you be yourself. (The Law of 2 Feet)
Some practical matters . . . After you’ve defined your Niche (Who you are) . . . How do you get YOUR word out there?
  • Organize your tribe – Create your database to optimize your ability to communicate effectively with these “Right People” over time
  • Leverage Yourself through efficient use of a combination of Face-to-face interaction, Direct Mail, Social Media, email, web, blog, etc
  • Provide leverage for others – Support the members of your tribe by being the BEST YOU imaginable . . . THE resource for ALL things relating to your niche.
We’re going to talk about the finer points of all of this next Thursday – The Ides of March 3/15/2012 @ 10 AM
YOU are Invited to join the conversation 🙂
Simply email me @ to reserve your seat.
Location will be in West Nashville.
Two Final words:
Just sayin’

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