Getting the most out of your Time, Energy, and Money . . .

We all have MANY “opportunities” to spend money on our businesses.

Whether it be marketing schlock, media ads (radio, TV, Print), Direct mail, BLAST email, Internet SEO, we can all spend a $gazillion dollars$ every month with the hope that it’ll perform as promised by bringing us MORE LEADS which will convert to MORE CLIENTS ultimately leading to MORE SALES which puts MORE MONEYin our accounts.
These days, it can feel a little bit like playing the lottery when we consider new marketing strategies.

Who REALLY knows what WORKS?
Even when we find something that works well  . . . we soon learn that everything is ALWAYS moving and what’s working today may not work tomorrow . . . because everyone ELSE also jumps on that marketing bandwagon and dilutes the return.
I believe that the most successful amongst us are folks who understand the need to establish a personal RHYTHM for Life and Business.
The folks most likely to find this RHYTHM are the ones willing to budget more Dollars for Personal and Professional Coaching and Training.
The FUN by-product of hiring a coach and attending more training is that in most cases, the marketing budget DECREASES.
That’s right . . . Having a coach helping you stay on focus – on track – makes you more efficient and alleviates the need for many of the random Lead Generation strategies on which many REALTORS spend gobs of money each year.
There are many FABULOUS Real Estate Sales Coaches all around the country. I’m certain you can find one in your market if what you want is 1:1 face-to-face meetings . . . or you can opt for telephone, skype, or webinar coaching/training.
The point of this blog post is that Hiring a coach could very well be an essential ingredient to improve your life . . . and it’s probably not nearly as expensive as you think it is. Most coaches will coach you in alignment with your budget and will actively demand that you get the most possible for your marketing dollars . . . they pay for themselves in increased sales and decreased operating/advertising expenses.
The “Life Rhythm Way” Coaching program is a high touch, high accountability program I  designed to help REALTORS gain clarity of focus and direction . . . Learn and practice new DISCIPLINES with respect to the flow of time, energy, and money . . . and pay attention to more of what MATTERS in life and business.
I’m offering this coaching at an introductory rate for the first 5 people who opt in during the month of May.
Contact me for details about how this program works and pricing.
More relevant/provocative questions are at this link:
PS – The Life Rhythm Way Coaching Program is available to any REALTOR who is committed to living a “High Performance Life” . . . To be one of “The Vital Few” folks who is determined to get the MOST out of every day while here on this planet . . . It’s about life, balance, flow, rhythm, stability . . . This is NOT a “Recruiting program for Pareto Realty and is open to qualifying REALTORS regardless of Firm Affiliation.
Also available: Training and Mastermind Sessions for real estate firms . . . 1 Hour, 3 hour, or full day/multi-day Retreats

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