geographical incompetency is curable

Real estate is a LOCAL business!




If you ain’t from around here, what do you REALLY know about this market?

Are you aware that the houses to east of Main Street trend 15% higher in Market Value than the houses West of Main Street – Even when they’re not much more than a couple hundred yards apart?

Did you know THAT house flooded a few years ago, but the house next door didn’t?

Do you know about the HUGE mixed use project on that corner 2 blocks away? Will it add value or not?

There’s a new park being developed where that abandoned school is.

The builders swarmed this neighborhood 18 months ago and pretty much grabbed all the great deals and drove appreciation artificially high . . . so it’s not the smart investment you might think.

If you were from around here, you’d know all of this, and you’d be able to appropriately counsel your client,

If you don’t know all of this stuff, you’re definitively geographically incompetent and you really shouldn’t claim to be an expert based on your ability to analyze sales statistics on the net.

“Do No Harm!” is the mantra that comes to mind.

When you dabble in areas you don’t know, you’re risking putting your client in harm’s way.

This is not good!

Whether you’re an appraiser or a REALTOR, your first obligation is competency.

Don’t let “Commission Breath” affect your judgement.

Do this, and your work will be MUCH more fulfilling . . . I promise!

Pareto Realty is ALL about attracting Real Estate Sales Professionals who “Get” this niche orientation at a very high level.

Competency is where the rubber hits the road . . .

Connect with me when you’re ready to develop your niche 🙂

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